Acknowledge the problems

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Acknowledge the problems

Acknowledge the problems

Akshara Damle   ¦    Apr 17, 2021 07:26:13 PM (IST)

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Problems are part of our life. We all have problems at one or another time. Certain things are visible certain things are invisible and when it comes to mental health issues, most of us have a habit of not accepting them in front of others; or not revealing it to others that we are going through a problem.

That is primarily because we have a taboo towards mental health issues in our society. When things have gone out of control, then only we reach out to mental health professionals to find out what best can be done. Even there people have a resistance to accept the issues openly and sincerely. That is when the problem continues to exist and the person is not able to resolve the issues.

Can you drive a car, which has some issues, by saying that it doesn't have any issue? In case if you do so, aren't the chances of meeting with an accident high? In the same way, when there is a problem in our life,  we have to accept that. Then only it can be addressed and life could be taken to the right path. Otherwise, there are chances of meeting with bigger accidents from which recovery would be much difficult. 

That is why, path for resolution of the problems start from the acknowledgment.

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