Sandalwood stars didn’t have luck in Congress

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Sandalwood stars didn’t have luck in Congress

Sandalwood stars didn’t have luck in Congress

Shrivibhavana   ¦    Apr 17, 2018 12:21:33 PM (IST)

Sandalwood stars didn’t have luck in Congress-1Chitradurga: Congress ticket aspirants, Sandalwood stars Bhavana and Shashikumar, who were busy in the campaign even before the declaration of the elections, didn’t get a ticket.

Bhavana wanted to contest from Chitradurga and Shashikumar wanted to try his luck from Molakalmooru ST reserved constituency. They used to tell that the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has directed them to campaign in the constituencies.

Bhavana also purchased a house in Chitradurga 2 months ago. She used to tell that Durga is her mother’s home. In fact, she is a daughter of Chitradurga and a ticket aspirant of the Congress party. Bhavana was active in Congress committee conferences. Moreover, along with the help of an organization, she conducted health camps. Rangoli competition and other activities were also organized. Though she didn’t get party ticket, Bhavana said that she would continue the party work.

Former MP Shashikumar tried to get the benefit of the development works he did during his tenure. In spite of competition from V S Ugrappa, N Y Gopalakrishna, Yogish Babu, he was hopeful of getting chance. The actor said that he is disappointed by the party decision.

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