Virtual stem lockdown summer camp for students by CFAL

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Virtual stem lockdown summer camp for students by CFAL

Virtual stem lockdown summer camp for students by CFAL

Apr 30, 2021 10:35:43 PM (IST)

Virtual stem lockdown summer camp for students by CFAL-1

Mangaluru: With an aim to help keep children learning and engaged this summer, CFAL has announced STEM Lock down Summer Camp for students of Class 6-8, an at-home Summer Program with activities in Geogebra, Mathelacious, editing, HTML coding and much more. The camp is designed to immerse children in hands-on STEM learning activities, design challenges, and creative fun. With this, CFAL brings the best-in-class virtual instruction with accredited educators and hands-on activities to the safety and comfort of home.

The camp would help children explore a new dimension of Math wherein they will work on using Math, as a useful, exciting, natural, easily understandable subject, something that is natural and surrounding us. They can visually observe, experiment with Math and gain a better understanding of what the subject is all about. Besides, students will also be exposed to graphic designing, practicing how to tell an idea through pictures by following some tools and rules like lines, shapes, colour, texture, pattern, grids etc. Overall the Camp promises to be an exciting and fun filled event online.

The camp is spread over a period of 2 weeks, starting May 3, 2021 and will end on May 14, 2021. In addition to the live virtual instructions, students will be directed towards self-guided activities to keep the learning growing and creativity flowing throughout. This move by CFAL offers a home-based solution to keep children learning, problem solving, and expanding their STEM skills through multiple class offerings that include expert, interactive virtual instruction combined with real, hands-on activities.

The STEM Lockdown camp by CFAL comes as a boon for students during these challenging times, wherein children are at home and many of them falling nearly a full year behind in math and other activities as a result of school disruptions and cancelled summer camps due to ongoing social distancing norms.

For registration and further information call: 9900520233.

Virtual stem lockdown summer camp for students by CFAL-2

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