Anti-cow slaughter act has made lives of farmers miserable

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Anti-cow slaughter act has made lives of farmers miserable

Anti-cow slaughter act has made lives of farmers miserable

F R   ¦    Feb 28, 2021 11:35:47 AM (IST)

Anti-cow slaughter act has made lives of farmers miserable-1

Vijayapura:   For three days, Yecharappa Dundasi, a farmer of Nalatwad village haD been waiting for the buyers to sell this couple of Ox, but even after spending two days at the cattle market, spending over three thousand rupees on transport and other expenses, Yecharappa finally had to go back with his animals without selling them.

He was hoping that by selling the ox, he would earn some money for the wedding of his daughter, but in the absence of buyers, the farmers went back home with heavy hearts.

Yecharappa is one of those hundreds of farmers whose lives have become miserable after the government bringing anti cow slaughter act as no one is coming forward to buy the cattle fearing arrest.

People like Yecharappa are either finding no buyers or those who are ready to buy, are offering dirt-cheap prices.

“My burly ox goes at least for Rs. 1 lakh a pair, but in the market, some buyers offer Rs. 40,000 for a pair, how can I sell them for that amount and who will cover my loss”, the farmers said.

This was the situation witnessed in the recently held cattle market on account of the annual Ayyanagudi temple Jatra here.

Hundreds of farmers from nearby villages had arrived at the market to sell their cattle, and the majority of them could not sell because of the new act.

Though the Act allows the farmers to buy or sell cattle for farming purposes, due to stringent provisions made for this process, the farmers are not in a position to sell them.

The buyers, in particular, fear pro-Hindu activists who may stop the traders while carrying animals and then complain to the police.

“Nobody wants to mess with the police and drag an unnecessary case on themselves even after buying cattle legally. These cow vigilantes may attack and thrash the buyers without even hearing the side of transporters. The police too stand with them and the transfers become victims. This is the reason why buyers are not coming forward to purchase cattle”, said an agent who does not wish to be identified.

Meanwhile, the situation of farmers who own aged animals is worse as they are neither in a position to raise them nor sell them.

“The burly ox or milking cow can be sold to any person at least locally in the village if not in the cattle market, but who will buy aged and unproductive cattle. The farmers can’t simply keep feeding them fodder without any returns. They don’t even want to simply donate the animal for free to any Goshala. Such farmers are really in trouble because of the new law”, said another farmer Shivayogi Murkartihal.

He said that in the past, the farmers could sell off the aged cattle and buy calves with the same money to raise them for milk.

Accusing the politicians of playing with the lives of countless farmers, the farmers are saying that if the government has a real concern for the cows and the farmers,  let the government buy the aged and unproductive cattle from the farmers for a remunerative price. “Let the government do anything with the cattle after buying from the farmers. But the government should not create a situation where neither the government is willing to buy nor allow others to purchase. This is simply absurd and inhuman”, the farmers said.

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