Advocate quits legal job, reaping success in farming

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Advocate quits legal job, reaping success in farming

Advocate quits legal job, reaping success in farming

F R   ¦    Firoz Rozindar   ¦   Feb 03, 2021 06:06:31 PM (IST)

Advocate quits legal job, reaping success in farming-1

Vijayapura: There was a time when the farmers, despite having large tracts of land, are incurring losses in agriculture. Here one of the advocates who have taken up farming as is a full-time occupation has become an inspiration to other farmers by reaping profit from agriculture.

Arjun Rathod, an advocate by profession, decided to venture into farming about six years ago itself.

Having about 2.5 acres of land in Jumanal village of the taluk, he decided to cultivate horticulture crops for higher earning.

Having planted 200 lemon plants, coconut plants on the border of the farm, custard apple, guava, etc. He has been making a profit from his small land.

Taking valuable inputs and guidance from the officials of the horticulture department, he said that the right guidance helps in addressing issues and making a profit.

The plants are now giving fruits and Rathod is working hard every day on his farm. Besides cultivating fruit-bearing plants, he has also raised cattle for milk as an alternate source of earning.

Using a micro-irrigation facility, the Rathod has been saving water also on plants. He has also got a farm pond constructed to store the water. Rathod used organic manure instead of chemicals for his plants.


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