The Century hit for Bhaskar Rao

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The Century hit for Bhaskar Rao

The Century hit for Bhaskar Rao

H Varghese   ¦    Feb 02, 2021 11:24:45 AM (IST)

The Century hit for Bhaskar Rao-1

Bengaluru: Setting an example to many, Bhaskar Rao, a commando in the Karnataka police force will complete his 100th Single Donor Platelet (SDP) donation at the Victoria Hospital Blood Bank on February 3.

He is part of the Lions Blood Line which is an activity under Lions Club of Bengaluru. Bhaskar Rao has been carrying out this life saving work with the Lions club and by himself, for the past four years.

“It is wonderful to see such people coming forward doing such work and being an inspiration to other,” said Mr Alphonse Kurien, chairman of Lions Blood Line. “People call him directly too because he is always ready to help,” he added.

Including blood donations, Bhaskar has donated a total of 128 times.

Mr Kurien mentioned that due to the pandemic a lot of people had been displaced and blood camps could not be conducted but started this year they are slowly coming back to normal.

"Around 140 blood donation camps were held prior to Covid and 9500 units of blood collected for different hospitals and blood banks. With Covid, camps came to nil, now slowly a few at residential areas or public places. Bhaskar Rao was one of the few donors who even in Covid lock down period, responded and donated when he could manage time during his off duty hours," he said.

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