Suicides cases reach a new high amidst the pandemic

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Suicides cases reach a new high amidst the pandemic

Suicides cases reach a new high amidst the pandemic

Team NK   ¦    Feb 03, 2021 07:24:00 AM (IST)

Suicides cases reach a new high amidst the pandemic-1

Bengaluru: According to City Crime Record Bureau, Bengaluru reported the highest number of deaths by suicide in 11 years during the pandemic period of 2020. Number of cases reported were upto 2,162 with a total of 19,541 cases between 2011-2020. This is the highest number in the past three decades.

Experts say that some of the reasons leading to this could be economic uncertainty or even loneliness which may have led to mental illness. It may not be just due to the social economic issues, but also due to the pandemic leaving people in a state of isolation from their families, expert claim.

“There could be many reasons for people committing suicides. Economic backlash and slowdown which has resulted in loss of employment and economic opportunities have made people more helpless and hopeless about their future,” said Akshara Damle, TEDx speaker and a psychologist from Bengaluru.

Mr Damle spoke about the people going into distress over the difficulties they have to face during the pandemic time. He said, “When people ended up losing their family members for covid, it leads them into a state of distress. Some even commits suicide as they are scared of getting covid and didn’t want to face the difficulties. Because of this anxiety and fear they ended up committing suicide. “

He talked about a case in which a woman who was diagnosed with cancer, committed suicide as she had lost hope that she would get treatment as the hospitals were packed with covid patients and there was no opportunity for to be better.

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For those who are facing dark times and need to talk to someone, please call Susheg Charitable Trust at 0824-2983444 or the Sahai hekpline at 080 25497777. Because your life matters.

Suicides cases reach a new high amidst the pandemic-2

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