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It is advantage BJP in ULB elections across K'taka

It is advantage BJP in ULB elections across K'taka

Bhavana S   ¦    Nov 14, 2019 10:48:38 AM (IST)

Bengaluru: It is advantage BJP in most of the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) polls which were held on Tuesday, November 12. The final results are expected to be announced at 11 am.

In Davanagere, BJP is all set to win the City Corporation with the party candidates leading in over half of the 45 wards in the city. In a big set back for the Congress, the party district President Dinesh Shetty lost in ward number 3 of the city.

In the Kargal town panchayat elections of Shivamogga district, BJP wrested power from the Congress. In the 13-member panchayat, BJP won 9 seats.

JD(S) won the Chintamani Municipal Council in Chikkaballapura district by emerging victorious in 7 out of 11 wards.

BJP won the Kundagol town panchayat polls in Haveri as it secured 8 out of 14 ward seats.

Kudligi town panchayat elections witnessed a hung verdict as both BJP and Congress secured six seats each. JD(S) may get to play the kingmaker as it won 3 seats.

In Kampli municipal council elections, Congress and BJP won 8 seats each. The president and vice president posts will be decided through a lottery.

In Biruru municipal council elections, BJP is likely to come to power with party candidates leading in a majority of seats.

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