Doctors say my death is imminent: Muthappa Rai

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Doctors say my death is imminent: Muthappa Rai

Doctors say my death is imminent: Muthappa Rai

SC L S   ¦    Lava Kumar   ¦   Jan 20, 2020 03:58:36 PM (IST)

Doctors say my death is imminent: Muthappa Rai-1

Bengaluru: Jaya Karnataka Party chief Muthappa Rai revealed recently, that he doesn't know when his end will come, as he has cancer.

Speaking to the media on Monday, January 20, he said, “I’m not sure till when I will be alive as the reports that have suggested that I have cancer are true. It (cancer) is gradually pushing me towards death. Currently, being alive and talking to you all is itself a miracle.”

“A couple of months ago, while I was on a visit to Kukke Subramanya Temple, my back was hurting. I immediately got it tested and the reports said that I have liver cancer. When my liver cancer went into remission, doctors detected that I have brain cancer. The doctors have said that I will live only for a very short period. Hence, in order to spend my last days in peace, I have come to my farmhouse in Bidadi. I have never been afraid of death. I’m 68 years old now and in my life, I was shot five times and escaped from the jaws of death. I am fighting cancer with the same will power. Till my last breath I will serve society," he added.

Speaking about the sharing of his property and assets, Rai said, “I have already prepared a will and informed my children. I have decided to share all my land with the people who have stood by me till date. Annually, I pay Rs 25-30 crores in taxes.”

Meanwhile, he informed that he had already resigned from the party as its chief and had appointed a new chief in his place. He said that he has even resigned as Karnataka Athletic Association president.