40 Rapido bike taxis seized in Bengaluru

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40 Rapido bike taxis seized in Bengaluru

40 Rapido bike taxis seized in Bengaluru

Team NK   ¦    Feb 21, 2021 03:47:40 PM (IST)

40 Rapido bike taxis seized in Bengaluru-1

Bengaluru: Following the incident where the RTO officials seized their two-wheelers, around 40 riders operating for online bike-taxi start-up Rapido gathered outside HSR Layout police station on February 19 and sought intervention of cops.

The RTO has said that the owners of the seized motorbikes should pay a minimum fine of Rs 5,500 if they want the vehicles released because according to them, the seized bikes attached with Rapido across the city has no license.

According to a report given in Times of India daily, one of the riders said that even though the start-up hub told us they have license, the RTO officials deny it. “They book a ride with drop location as the nearest RTO office. After reaching the destination, we will be taken to the office; a case will be booked and our vehicles seized,” the rider said. 

The report stated that a spokesperson from Rapido was at HSR Layout police station with the request to pay the fine on behalf of the riders. The company is yet to clearly state whether the start-up has the license to run bike taxis.

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