Spreading Rhythm and harmony through ‘Veda Nada Yoga Tharangini’

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Spreading Rhythm and harmony through ‘Veda Nada Yoga Tharangini’

Spreading Rhythm and harmony through ‘Veda Nada Yoga Tharangini’

H Varghese   ¦    Feb 01, 2021 07:10:57 AM (IST)

Spreading Rhythm and harmony through ‘Veda Nada Yoga Tharangini’-1

Kasaragod: Veenavadini Sangeetha Vidyapeetam and Vaidic Thanthric Vidyapeetam presents ‘Veda Nada Yoga Tharangini’, a music festival celebrating the beauty of Carnatic classical music. The festival will be held on February 5, 6 and 7 at Narayaneeyam music campus in Ballapadavu.

This musical treat will be held under the guidance of Ganapraveena Yogeesha Sharma who had started the music institute to spread Carnatic classical music in its purity and ecstasy. Earlier last month, the institute had released a video album in the Kannada language titled ‘Sundara Kerala’ which celebrated the glory of native motherland through the musical melody in the language of its neighboring land. The song had symbolized the unity and divinity in the various diversities and hoped for growing relationship of brotherhood between the states separated by the border.

When the Covid-19 pandemic had struck our country, Sri Yogeesha Sharma was one among the first to take a step to connect his pupils online and teach Carnatic music over the internet. He taught students from Singapore, Indonesia and other parts of India. “At a time when people did not give much importance to music, swamiji wanted to let the people know of its importance and how music acts as a stress releaser and transcends all barriers,” said Shwetha Anish, Veenavadini Sangeetha Sabha member.

This annual event was cancelled last year on account of the pandemic. This year the committee had decided to host the event by following all the protocols by the government. Many renowned classical musicians will perform at the festival.

“Music is such an important thing for us. It is a mix of traditions and culture and schools like these which provide a good exposure and education regarding such classical music needs a lot of recognition and attention so that it can be carried on for generation to come,” she added.