Pre-fabricated Tata hospital coming up in Kerala's Kasargod

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Pre-fabricated Tata hospital coming up in Kerala's Kasargod

Pre-fabricated Tata hospital coming up in Kerala's Kasargod

IANS   ¦    May 22, 2020 05:21:26 PM (IST)

Pre-fabricated Tata hospital coming up in Kerala\'s Kasargod-1Kasargod: The state of the art Covid-19 isolation hospital in Kerala's Kasargode, as promised by the Tata Group, is getting ready and will be ready soon, a top district official said on Friday.

The Tatas have promised a 500-bed full fledged hospital on a five acre land given by the state government.

Being built using CSR funds, District Collector D.Sajith Babu said that this would be finished shortly.

"The units are now being loaded and will travel here by road," he said.

The first pre-fabricated unit has already come and each unit can accommodate 5 patients.

In all, 128 pre-fabricated units are expected to arrive and would be ready in a matter of two months.

The Tata Group had promised Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to set up the hospital here, when the state's northernmost district turned out to be a hot spot with numerous Covid-19 positive cases.

Though the number of cases was brought down, things have again turned for the worse, after the arrival of a good number of people from the Middle East.

As of Friday, there are 15 positive cases and over 4,000 people are under observation at homes and hospitals.

Over the years, this district has always relied on neighbouring Mangaluru city in Karnataka for all the medical needs.

At the height of the spread of coronavirus in China's Wuhan, where the spread of coronavirus cases was first reported, Chinese authorities had set up a pre-fabricated hospital in a very short time.

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