Fisherman struck by lightning, dies

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Fisherman struck by lightning, dies

Fisherman struck by lightning, dies

Special Correspondent(SK)   ¦    Apr 13, 2021 06:10:07 PM (IST)

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Kasargod: An unfortunate incident where a fisherman died due to striking of lightning while on fishing has been reported from Kasargod coast here on Tuesday April 13.

The incident happened around 3 am in the morning. The deceased has been identified as Baburaj (40) from near Shri Kurumba Kshetra of Adkathabail.

As the fishermen reached the estuary, heavy rains coupled with thunder and lightning lashed hitting Baburaj. He did not survive despite being taken to the hospital in Kasargodu immediately.

Krishna, a fisherman accompanying him has suffered injuries. The other fishermen in the boat were identified as Suji and Babu, who took to fishing in the boat, Bhagyalakshmi.

Thunderstorms accompanied by wind and rainfall have caused enormous damage throughout the district. Kasargodu, Badiyadka, Perla, Mulleriya, and Uduma are the worst affected.

The vegetable farms of Satish Chowta nd Amir Ali of Udyavar, Manjeshwar has suffered damages. Pump shed of Koggu Maniyani of Chukkinadka, Manya has damaged and wiring of the house has burnt.