Government neglecting woman workers, says writer Vakkunda

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Government neglecting woman workers, says writer Vakkunda

Government neglecting woman workers, says writer Vakkunda

Agencies   ¦    Jan 25, 2015 10:02:44 AM (IST)

Huballi: Women from the working class have always got a raw deal from the government, alleged noted writer Vinaya Vakkunda  inaugurating a conference on 'Anganwadi Centres - Privatization and Its Effects' at the Samskrutik Samudaya Bhavan at Lingaraj Nagar here on Friday.

Government neglecting woman workers, says writer Vakkunda-1Addressing the gathering she said the welfare of woman workers has been neglected all through the decades. "This has been going on since time immemorial. Women have had to fight for their rights. Despite such a situation, women have to make an identity for themselves. Otherwise, society will treat them as mere objects."

Vakkunda called upon people not only to fight for their demands but also make governments evolve pro-people policies.

Criticizing the central government's 'Make in India' campaign, she said, "The government has been inviting foreign companies to invest in the country. But anganwadi workers continue to be neglected. They invite foreign companies by claiming that they would get land and labour at cheaper rates. This claim is a clue to the condition of the labourers' class."

Vakkunda opposed the concept of privatization, saying it will make the current labour system collapse since the job security of workers will be affected.
Playwright Vyas Deshpande lashed out at the privatization of anganwadi centres. "If the government privatizes these centres, then what is its responsibility? The government should withdraw this move," he urged.

Insurance union workers' leader% BN Pujari alleged that the central government is trying to suppress the rights of the working class. "The NDA government is only working for the uplift of the corporate class. Labour unions should launch protests against the government over this."