Your key to privileged airport lounges is here

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Your key to privileged airport lounges is here

Your key to privileged airport lounges is here

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Your key to privileged airport lounges is here-1

You must have passed the doors along an airport concourse, the ones with signs saying "Exclusive" or "Members Only”. These doors open to the first-class facilities that every airport offers its visitors. Unless you have visited one, the question that who is inside will surely tickle your mind every time.

Well, the answer is — mostly frequent flyers or people with exclusive benefits enjoy an oasis of comfort and support in the busy environment of an airport. At airport lounges, complimentary champagne, chauffeured transportation and Michelin-starred cuisine are some of the bells and whistles you may get. Some other benefits of airport lounges include:

  1. Calm away from regular airport rush

    You can think of airport lounges as your one-way ticket to relaxation, away from the rush of the airports. If you are looking for a break from this, you can always head for the lounge. The speciality of any lounge is that they have an incredibly relaxing and quiet atmosphere. In a lounge, you will find comfortable chairs, couches, private TVs, fast Wi-Fi, and many other things for your relaxation and enjoyment. Most lounges also offer reservable spaces that you can use if you need to get some work done. Already thinking of applying for the best credit card for airport lounge access?

  2. Focused help

    Airline-affiliated first-class lounges are staffed with airline employees who are incredibly efficient and have access to the flight details and reservation systems. They can help you with anything you need – starting from changing seat assignments, changing reservations, checking on upgrades, tracing wayward baggage, verifying connections and others. Moreover, unlike the regularly busy “customer service” counters, employees in lounges are readily available.
  3. Free food and drinks

    While the shops at airports charge you an arm and a leg for even small things, airport lounges have many free offerings. Inside a lounge, you can quickly get free food and beverages. Moreover, the cuisines offered at the lounges are top-class, and the services are second to none.


  4. Arrival recovery

    Some first-class airport lounges also offer special privileges to arriving passengers. Under these special privileges, the most common is arrival recovery. In this, the lounge provides shower facilities, clothes pressing service and recovery meal to the arriving passengers. This feature isn't common, but it's offered in a few locations.

Now you might be thinking that with all these benefits, the access inside these lounges will be expensive. Well to be true, yes, the entry is a bit pricey. Whether you are a regular flyer or not, there is one key that can unlock the gates of these exclusive lounges for you. ‘That key is a Credit Card.’

Credit cards to the rescue
Credit cards are of big help for everyone, and when it comes to frequent flyers, they are no less than a blessing in disguise. Through premium credit cards, flyers can get airport lounge access even if they are not flying first-class. Thus, allowing them to save a lot of money on their overall travel expenditure.

Leading financial institutions like SBI Card are well known for providing the best credit card for airport lounge access. In addition to lounge access, some of these cards also offer milestone benefits, Club Vistara memberships, gift vouchers and other prime rewards.

‘The takeaway’
Nowadays, airports have lost their appeal with crowded restaurants, flight delays, squalling babies, un-helpful customer service and hunt for electrical outlets. However, if you use a premium credit card, you can get access to the comfort of airport lounges with their first-class services. You can ditch the chaos and enjoy much-needed personal space with decent travel perks, that are only a card away.