Why is Air Quality Monitoring Crucial for Healthcare Needs?

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Why is Air Quality Monitoring Crucial for Healthcare Needs?

Why is Air Quality Monitoring Crucial for Healthcare Needs?

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For many people, the number of hospital visits increases each year due to the rise in the level of pollution in the country. It has now been quite some time that people complain about various health issues caused due to poor quality air. According to the World Health Organization, data states that around 7 million people die from exposure to polluted air every year.

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However, due to the ongoing pandemic and the stay-at-home orders, we have spent more time indoors. You may not think it is possible, but the dangers of indoor pollution are just as alarming. Even if we are staying inside, it does not mean that we are immune to the impact of pollution. Hence, it is essential to have an air quality monitoring system in our homes.

Generally, when we think about pollutants, we often think about those found outside, whether in the air, ground, or waterways. But indoor air quality is just as vital to our everyday lives and health. The pollutants found inside homes and offices should concern us just as much, if not more. Thus, having an air quality monitoring system has become essential for your home.

Given below are some benefits of an air quality monitoring system for your healthcare needs:

  1.  Checking Indoor Air Pollution
    Ideally, good indoor air quality is the absence of air pollutants you or your family would otherwise have inhaled. Some of these common air pollutants you may have in your home may be dust, smoke, and others. The leak around doors and windows can let in polluted air from outside. If you or any of other family members is asthmatic, it can create health issues and concerns.
    With an air quality monitoring system in place, you can track the pollution level inside your home efficiently. Knowing the air quality inside will ensure that you are regularly cleaning your home. When you take care of your home's indoor air quality, these toxic airborne substances won't be present to cause any health hazards or distress to you and your family. 
  2. Reduction of Allergens
    If the air quality inside your home is bad, the chances are high that you face allergic reactions to airborne allergens. You and your family might suffer from continuous sneezing, coughing, congestion, irritated eyes, and other physical problems. If you have a pet at home, the allergens also include animal dander and other debris. With an air quality monitoring system at home, you can get an idea about the allergen levels in the air. Furthermore, it will help reduce the chances of allergic symptoms for your entire family. 
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  3. Breathe Better
    Using an air quality monitoring system will help you track whether your indoor air quality is maintained or not. It is essential to determine the amount of oxygen that your body will receive. The system will make it easier for you to get regular cleaning done to breathe non-polluted air, lessening the strain on your lungs, heart, and body. An effective air quality monitoring system also helps strengthen you against respiratory issues. 
  4. Sleep Better
    Most of us tend to take breathing well for granted until there is trouble. The more contaminated air you breathe, the more quickly you succumb to illnesses. A slight increase in indoor air pollutants can raise your stress levels and inhibit good health. Hence, it is in your best interest to install an air quality monitoring system to take measures when the air quality degrades.
    Also, with cleaner air, you will have the ability to rest easy and be less likely to get sick. The reduction in your stress level will help you sleep readily and have a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Improves Moisture Control
    With proper moisture control in your home, you will not have to face mold and bacteria growth. Remember that the air which is too dry can cause skin irritation and nosebleeds. On the other hand, too moist air can cause stuffiness and damage home furnishings and structures.
    Thus, you need to keep the humidity level in check in your house. There are air quality monitoring systems that will help you do that. For instance, Airveda Air Quality monitors by Nirvana Being have been designed to measure the humidity level of your home and PM2.5/Co2 levels. Its small size and battery life of 4-6 hours make it a portable device. You can connect it to your IOS or Android device and get alerts on the free Airveda app.
Breathe Well and Keep the Doctor Away
‘Breathe healthy air for healthy living’ is a mantra that all of us should adopt. One important thing to remember is to go for a reliable air quality monitoring system to ensure that. If you choose air quality monitoring systems by reputable companies like Nirvana Being, you can remain stress-free. Ensure better living and a pollution-free home.

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