Sharp cuts, classic fabrics defines Omar Farooq's menswear line

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Sharp cuts, classic fabrics defines Omar Farooq's menswear line

Sharp cuts, classic fabrics defines Omar Farooq's menswear line

Alfi   ¦    Apr 13, 2014 01:02:00 PM (IST)

Lahore, April 13 (IANS) Menswear designs offer restricted options to experiment with styles but Pakistani designer Omar Farooq has turned this into his strength, presenting a gamut of clothing for men defined by sharp cuts and achieving a royal finish from the classic fabrics used at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014 Saturday.

Sharp cuts, classic fabrics defines Omar Farooq\'s menswear line-1Farooq, who showcased his collection titled “Back to the Roots” under his label Republic, gave menswear line a very “neat and dapper” look - something that elite Pakistani men are known for and would love to flaunt.

From shirts, jackets, trousers to handbags and shoes, every single detail personified a true style statement for all those men who wants a mix of creative lines with modern touch.

“Tailored jackets and trousers with cuffed hems are representative of the 'Great Gatsby' with subtle variations that shift from a vintage to a more modern aesthetic,” said the designer.

The accessories used for the collection reflected prints featuring the botanical palm, camouflage and raw minerals.

The designer used luxe fabrics including cotton, linen, as well as tropical and other blends of wool in a colour palette featuring pastel shades with bold plaids and prints.

Asked about who he has targeted with his designs, Farooq said: “We cater to all the quintessential and extraordinary man who has the confidence to stand out inspite of being ordinary.”

So if you are someone who wants some variety in your menswear line, go check out his designs!

The four- day fashion gala, hosted by the Pakistan Fashion Design Council started here, Thursday.