Fill summer wardrobe with midis, sheer maxi

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Fill summer wardrobe with midis, sheer maxi

Fill summer wardrobe with midis, sheer maxi

Alfi   ¦    Apr 09, 2014 07:34:00 PM (IST)

Mumbai, April 9 (IANS) Give a makeover to your wardrobe by including summer fashion pieces like cropped tops, sheer maxis and midi skirts.

Anita Dongre, director of Global Desi, suggests outfits to invest in this season:

Fill summer wardrobe with midis, sheer maxi-1* Crop top: The most popular outfit of the spring-summer season is the 1990s crop top. It flaunts your midriff well and at the same time ensures that the look remains subtle. One can pair a crop top with almost everything- a skirt or palazzo pants.

* Midi skirts: It is longer than a knee length skirt and shorter than a maxi. The very versatile midi skirt adds a feminine allure to any look. It is best worn with a stylish pair of heels and a fitted crop top.

* Sheer maxi: The see-through garment epitomizes downtown cool and the stylish silhouette complements all body types making it a striking statement for summer fashion.

* Jumpsuits: The floral prints and pastel hued jumpsuits are enjoying a major moment in fashion this season. Apart from its figure flattering form and stylish silhouette, the jumpsuit is undeniably practical and exudes an uber-comfortable, high-style statement making it the most coveted item of the season.

* Printed shorts: Pastel and floral prints are the staple of a warm-weather wardrobe, but as the mercury soars, fashionistas are finding solace in printed shorts. These shorts are as stylish as they are eye-catching and exude summer’s easy vibe.