Coronavirus and Travel: Here’s How To Plan For 2021

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Coronavirus and Travel: Here’s How To Plan For 2021

Coronavirus and Travel: Here’s How To Plan For 2021

SC PP   ¦    Apr 20, 2021 06:53:07 PM (IST)

Coronavirus and Travel: Here’s How To Plan For 2021-1
For more than a year now, the coronavirus has been a constant threat to our lives. Although it is still a very prominent threat, hope is also emerging and with it, we must resume our lifestyles. Travelling is one of the most favorite activities for most of us. Although the virus might have stopped you from traveling in 2020, you can start again with efficient planning for 2021!

Traveling nowadays, with all necessary precautions, might seem a tad bit on the pricey side but by redeeming the necessary coupons and promo codes, you can make significant savings and travel on a budget.

For instance, you can choose online booking platforms and enjoy concessions via the available discounts on their respective websites. Currently, with the help of India promo codes, you can save 50% on hotels and make your travel plan more affordable. There are various other ongoing discounts like the Early 2021 Deals, flight coupons, and much more that can help with the cost-cutting.

How to Plan Your Trip in 2021

The pandemic has changed how we travel in 2021. The following are some pointers that you should keep in mind while planning for your trip in 2021.

1. Check the COVID-19 Regulations of Your Destination

First and foremost, you must check out all the rules and regulations regarding the pandemic, at your destination. While some places are relaxing their regulations, there are many that are revving them up. It is important to check before you go to see what subsequent measures you will have to take. Some places require a one-day-old negative testing report for COVID-19 while others might not. Many popular tourist attractions in different cities are also being closed off from the public, in which case, your trip might not be as fruitful. Sites like MakeMyTrip and more also provide valuable information on travel destinations.

2. Availability of Local Public Transport

Traveling by public transport is not only convenient but also, cheap and significantly reduces your trip expenses. However, many places might not have the best public transportation facilities in the pandemic. Charges might have also risen. Expenses for taking private transportation are also more. All in all, this might call for a revision in your travel budget. You might also have to change the places you want to visit according to the transportation available. and MakeMyTrip as well as other similar travel websites have such information and also, facilities for booking cars and more.

3. Quarantine Facilities

Many and most destinations call for a mandatory quarantine and isolation of all incoming guests. You must gather proper information on the quarantine facilities available. How you can book them, if there are limited options or you can choose for yourself and more. The more equipped you are with knowledge beforehand, the more hassle-free will be your trip. Check out reviews, if available on the quarantine facilities to confirm it is safe for you to travel.

4. Prepare All Types of Medication

If you have any terminal illness and take regular medication, make sure to carry all your necessary medication as well as any prescription that might be required. Take a substantial number of medicines and even extra to avoid any trouble on your trip. You do not if and where they might be available and they might cost you more. Also, carry general medication like painkillers and such for emergency use.

5. Carry Extra Masks and Sanitizer

No matter where you go, masks and sanitizers are the most essential items. They are low-cost items that will ensure your safety as well as the safety of people around you. Carry sufficient and even extra masks and sanitizers. Avoid spending money on them at your destination as they will only cost you more. Sanitizing sprays for luggage and clothes are also recommended because washing your clothes every day might not be possible in which case, you must at least sanitize them after being out and about all day.

6. Book Your Hotel Beforehand and Check Facilities for COVID-19

It is advisable to book your hotel beforehand to avoid last-minute rush and hassle. Moreover, you must check what regulations and measures they have taken in light of the pandemic. Most hotels nowadays post such information for the consideration of their customers. It is easily available on sites like and more. They also serve several offers and coupons to give discounts that help you save. Browse through multiple options before you settle for one.

7. Make a Budget

Last and not least, make an efficient budget for your trip. Take into consideration all contingencies, of which there are many, especially due to the pandemic. Make sure to keep aside and take into consideration an emergency fund that can help you should you need any emergency treatment or in the face of any travel restrictions while you are on your trip. You can also use coupons and discounts to save up.


There is much to consider if you decide to travel in 2021. However, with careful planning, you can have a fun and successful trip. The above points are some of the most important ones that you must follow.

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