Bitcoin deposits at online slots

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Bitcoin deposits at online slots

Bitcoin deposits at online slots

Aug 10, 2019 10:01:19 AM (IST)

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Most likely, we have all heard of bitcoin so often now that it has become a bit of a buzzword in itself more than an actual thing. Bitcoin this and bitcoin that, if you like. But, in the world of gaming online, bitcoin might just be more important than ever, and it might be more important here than in any other industry.

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We all go to the casino for one of many reasons, we want to get a thrill, and with a playful game being a nice and safer way to get this thrill, we do not really have much if anything to lose by playing games online.

Except maybe, money. You win some, you lose some, that is the way it goes, but we are now thinking more and more about how we pay to play, rather than just playing to play.

Cryptocurrencies and slot machines
This way of thinking haas emerged in part because we need to know where our money is going once it has been deposited, as there has been an on going rise in scams online when it comes to digital gaming and online casinos.

Of course, a lot of us do still game for gaming’s sake. Online casinos come with a whole host of playing options which give us many opportunities to attain excitement and tantalise our gaming tastebuds and satiate our escapism desires as and when we require a distraction.

Now the important stuff about bit coins, or, otherwise known as, cryptocurrencies. How exactly do they work, against the way that regular coins in a slot machine work? Well, the clue is in the name. The money is encrypted meaning you could say it is a little more safe.

But, before you can start playing any games, you have to first decide the amount that you want to put down to play with.

In any slot game, you have minimum and maximum amounts that you can bet with. The minimums and maximums range from 1 to 50 coins overall, so you can bet one bitcoin for every spin, or 50 bitcoins, or even whatever numerical figure is between these. Just do bear in mind that the more you play with the more you can win.

So after this, you decide and choose the amount of pay lines you want to activate. Most of the video slot games give you the option to choose the number of pay lines you want to activate, and then you just multiply this by the total number of bitcoins you have chosen.

So for example, if you have chosen to play with 0.01 coins and then choose to activate 9 pay lines, you will spend 0.09 bitcoins on each spin that you have taken.

So once you have decided on these two things, it is time to play. Manually or automatic is up to you, but in short, you can now pay to play with bitcoin, making it a great option if you are curious enough to do so.

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