9 Easy Ways to groom yourself with Online Shopping

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9 Easy Ways to groom yourself with Online Shopping

9 Easy Ways to groom yourself with Online Shopping

Feb 13, 2020 06:18:40 PM (IST)

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With the advent of Social Media, image is everything and personal grooming is today the key to an attractive image. For those who prefer to pick their grooming products from stores, there are handicaps – travel, queues, limited inventories, lack of comparative options and other logistics. It is demotivating.

Today everything required for excellent personal grooming for both men and women can be purchased online in the comfort one’s home. These include

  • Clothing - From Inner Wear to Jeans everything in between 
  • Skin Care - From Lipsticks to Face Washes and Creams
  • Hair Care - From Trimmers to shampoos and conditioners 
  • Personal Hygiene - From Toothbrushes’ to Bathing Gels
  • Body Care - From Deodorants’ to massaging oils

With the virtual world replacing the real, grooming and image building has become easier. How-to information, Information on grooming trends and products, expert review and comparisons are easily available online. Discount coupons and competitive pricing are the other attractions. It’s a buyer’s delight.

The 9 benefits of shopping online for grooming products:

1. Locational Convenience
Online Shopping has no locational constraints. This is its biggest and best advantage. No travel during rush hours and no waiting in queues at check out. You can do it in your pajamas sitting at home. It is quick, and of course, delivered at your doorstep.

2. Competitive Pricing
Online Shopping provides varied and multiple forms of discounts including discount coupons, from third party websites eg. Myntra coupons from DesiDime. Online malls are able to discount merchandise as they eliminate middlemen from the transaction and save on certain taxes. Banks and other NBFC’s also partner with them and offer multiple funding options to buyers.

3. Exchange and Return facility
One of the biggest advantages perhaps, which online sites offer is the opportunity to exchange or return the goods bought (Not all of course) in case of any issues of quality or fitting. Again the pickup is convenient - at the doorstep and the refund is automatically making it that much easier to make the decision to buy.

4. Wide variety on offer
Physical stores have limited offerings - limited by space and demand. Online shopping has no such restrictions. You can buy the trendiest items from anywhere in the world and show your best shadow to the sun. There is a wide variety of color, size, technology, and utility. You can even order items not in the stock at the moment you are shopping!

5. Buy only what you need
Online shopping helps you control your urge to splurge. Once in a shop you tend to buy more than you need either because it catches your fancy, you are worried the item will go out of stock or just to save yourself another trip to the store. Online shopping is done at your convenience and therefore you know the item will be always there when you need it or your budget can manage it.

6. Gifting is made easy
Everybody loves a gift - when they receive it. Choosing, buying and delivering it is the hard part. Online shopping solves that problem for you. You can choose, buy and have it delivered to the recipient’s doorstep on the day of the occasion making it that much more meaningful. It’s a win-win situation for you as you can avail of the promotional coupons and offers from Zingoy or even perhaps gift the coupon itself.

7. Price and Product comparisons are easy
For us, a good buy means maximum value for money. For this comparing prices, popularity and utility are all of equal importance. This can only be done while shopping online. With online shopping you can make an informed decision - before you decide, you can read about the product extensively, experience some of the products in 3D, and learn from the experience of others. You can compare the prices and discounts on offer and check out the various promo coup and easily get the best bang for your buck!

8. Relaxed Shopping
You generally go shopping during the weekend, festivals or during the holiday season. At these times the Malls are crowded and so are you. And then there is the problem of parking, of queuing, and of carrying, of loading and unloading. But with online shopping, there is no need to hasten or feel rushed.

9. Privacy
There are many items necessary for your personal grooming, the purchase of which should remain private. These include lingerie and personal hygiene items and this can best be done while shopping online.

Additionally, you can keep a record of your purchases, cancel a purchase before it is delivered, obtain a refund, and track your expenses.