5 style tips to wear Salwar Kameez for an event

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5 style tips to wear Salwar Kameez for an event

5 style tips to wear Salwar Kameez for an event

Martin William   ¦    Dec 03, 2018 04:01:13 PM (IST)

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If you’re into Indian dresses and you just happen to love wearing a salwar kameez, you’re probably looking to make it more stylish. Sometimes, wearing it the same way makes it feel unexciting. However, you’re not sure what you could add to the outfit in order to change the look into a more unique one.

Here are some style tips to decorate your outfit and feel confident and beautiful on any occasion:

  1. Wear Accessories
    Accessories are always complimenting the rest of your outfit, and you could just make a salwar kameez shine brighter if you wear the right jewelry. Anything like bangles, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and so on could be a good addition to the dress. Depending on the event you’re going and the style you’re trying to approach, you can create playful looks, elegant ones, and the list can go on. Therefore, completing your entire outfit with some jewelry could be just like finding the missing piece of the puzzle.
  2. Angrakha style suit
    If you’re heavier in the bust area and you want to go to a work event but look decent at the same time, an angrakha style suit could be the answer. In terms of fabrics, you can choose something such as cotton or crepe. Make sure not to choose fancy fabrics like net or georgette, though, because it may not look good at the event.
    If you’re looking for a simple yet stylish look, this one could do the trick. Although the pattern may show the problem areas around your bust, the v neck design hides them. 
  3. Apply make-up
    Make-up is another thing that has a say in your style. Depending on the outfit, you can add something that completes the whole look. When it comes to Indian dresses, eye make-up looks gorgeous, and with a salwar kameez it will look even more gorgeous. With the many color options, you can obtain a stunning style.
    For weddings and other events you can wear heavier make-up, while for dinner parties, college and office you should wear lighter one.  
  4. Add a jacket
    Jackets could add the touch you are looking for when wearing a salwar kameez, and you can have a royal look wherever you go. You can look up jacket styles online, and simply determine which one will go best with your beautiful Indian Dress. From mirror work jackets to ethnic ones and even embellished or embroidered jackets, you could have a royal look and draw all the looks from the room. 
  5. Choose the right shoes
    The shoes are an important part of every outfit, because the right type of shoe could change the overall look of your clothes. When going to events especially, don’t wear sports-shoes and sneakers, as they just turn your look around. You should either wear closed heel belly shoes, Indian-style stylish slippers and even sandals with little heels. They will just fit perfectly with the dress. However, stay away from big and thick heels, as they may only ruin the look of the outfit.


To conclude, when you’re going to events, you want to just look right and feel gorgeous and confident. With a salwar kameez, that’s easy to do, especially if you follow the tips in this post and stylize it. Therefore, do your best to have a unique look and enjoy it.

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