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33 ways that your pet is improving your health

33 ways that your pet is improving your health

Jul 17, 2017 09:47:39 AM (IST)
33 ways that your pet is improving your health

Something inside of you changes when you have a connection with a living being that doesn’t understand everything you say, or can’t respond to you. It makes you a better person.

Your pets take care of you. While you think they need looking after, which they most certainly do, your pets look after you and your health as well.

Here are 33 ways that your pet is keeping you hearty and healthy.

1. Keeping you in a good mood:

When the rest of your world disappoints you, or something silly irritates you, five minutes with your pet can turn your mood around. Play with them or just watch them do what they always do and you will feel a lot calmer than before.

2. Keeping your blood pressure stable:

Apart from the usual like dieting and exercise, keep your pet close to you if your blood pressure is unstable. Pets can do wonders for children with high blood pressure.

3. Controlling your cholesterol:

Your pet keeps you on your toes. You walk them or feed them or simply tend to them from time to time. These activities itself take care your levels of cholesterol.

4. Keeping your heart strong:

Cat and dog owners have greater chances of keeping that heart attacks at bay because of their pets.

5. Ridding you of depression:

Your pet’s ability to love you unconditionally and keep you calm can make you feel optimistic and positive about your life. You can overcome depression or keep it at bay with a little help from your pet.

6. Keeping you fit and fabulous:

You don’t need a gym when you have a dog. Your dog can be your personal trainer. A couple of brisk walks with your four-legged friend every day will keep the both of you fit.

7. Posing as your exercise companion:

While you do yoga or run the treadmill, take a string and tease your cat with it. Watch it jump up and down as it tries to catch the loose end. Play with your cat while you exercise. Keep it fun and entertaining for the both of you.

8. De-stressing you when you need it the most:

After a long and tiring day, spend some time gently stroking your cat or give your dog that nice belly rub that he always asks for. You will find your fatigue gone in a moment.

9. Helping you make new friends:

People with pets almost always have a lot to talk about with other pet owners. While your cat is busy getting curious with another, you can socialize and connect with like-minded people.

10. Keeping your immunity strong:

Furry friends at home keep allergies away. Raise your child in a pet-friendly home and see how strong their immunity gets.

11. Protecting your baby from asthma:

While pet fur often causes allergies, experts believe that having a cat around you baby reduces the risk of your baby developing asthma. However, this does not apply to mothers who are already allergic to cats.

12. Counseling you in a difficult time:

Dogs are intuitive and know when something is wrong. Hence, some therapists let a dog in during therapy. Dogs don’t like people yelling and shouting at each other around them. Having one at home or at work may help you keep your anger in check and get you to think rationally.

13. Helping you deal with ADHD:

Children with ADHD cope with their condition a lot better when they play with and feel responsible for their pet. If your child has ADHD, pets can help your child sleep easily at night and boost self-confidence.

14. Understanding autistic children:

If your child is autistic, he or she depends on his or her sensory mechanisms to make sense of things around them. Well, so do your pets. So together, your child and your pet can keep calm and make life easy.

15. Strengthening your bones:

Walk with your dog or bask in the sun with your pet and treat your bones to some Vitamin D. Both you and your pet could do with some company while exercising.

16. Inspiring you to stretch:

Watch the way your cat stretches. You will want to be just as flexible as your furry partner.

17. Accompanying you through arthritis:

Don’t be surprised if you and your dog have arthritis together. Make the best of it instead. Go see the vet and your doctor together. Take your medicines together. The ones that heal together, stay together.

18. Riding your stroke away:

If you have already suffered a stroke and are recovering from it, ride a horse. That animal can strengthen you and make you better, fast.

19. Being there for you while you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis:

If you have the condition, engaging with your pet and indulging in some sort of physical activity like playing fetch with your dog can help a great deal.

20. Giving your warmth when you need it:

Times when you are hurting with menstrual cramps, get your cat or puppy to sit on your stomach. They can make you feel warm. This warmth can help relieve the pain.

21. Saving your life while you’re having a seizure:

Say you’re having a seizure or a chronic fit of some sort and there is a dog around. Rest assured because you are taken care of. A dog can bark and alert others and you will be in good hands soon after.
22. Helping you through Parkinson’s disease:

If you have the condition, your pet can help you find your balance. It can assist you as you open and close doors, walk up and down stairs and switch lights on and off with the help of their paws.

23. Upping your quality of life:

When you spend some time grooming your pet, you are improving the standard of your living. This way, your health is in check too.

24. Calming you always:

Just having them around you is delightful.

25. Making you happy:

Undergoing any type of therapy with your pet around can make you feel at ease.

26. Guiding you in the dark:

This is for those who are hard of seeing. Your pet can see for you. Your pet is the light at the end of the tunnel.

27. Navigating you when you need it:

If you’ve lost all sense of mobility, your pet can walk you through the difficulties with ease.

28. Hearing for you when no one else can:

With their sharp ears, your pets can warn you off strange noises they hear around the house. They may also hear you when your endangered and when no one else can.

29. Giving you a long life:

If you have a pet at home, you’re going to live longer, stronger, and happier.

30. Comforting you through a heartbreak:

If your heart’s been broken and you don’t feel like talking about it, just sit silently with your pet. You’ll be fine.

31. Massaging your hurting joints:

Have your pet sit around your neck or on your limbs after a long and tiring day. Your pet is your masseur.

32. Cuddling with you to rid you of allergies:

Cuddle away your allergies with your pet. This may sound like a bit ironic but it works.

33. Teaching you to love:

If love is all you need to heal and feel good, don’t think twice and give an animal a place in your home and heart.