Kalaburagi priest too trolls CM with 'Nikhil Yelliddiyappa'?

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Kalaburagi priest too trolls CM with 'Nikhil Yelliddiyappa'?

Kalaburagi priest too trolls CM with 'Nikhil Yelliddiyappa'?

Sc BH   ¦    May 15, 2019 08:30:06 AM (IST)

Kalaburagi priest too trolls CM with \'Nikhil Yelliddiyappa\'?-1

Kalaburagi: Chief Minister HD Kumarswamy had an awkward moment at Ganigapura Dattathreya temple here, when the temple priest too ended up asking 'Nikhil Yelliddiyappa'!

The CM had been to the temple with his supporters, when the priest too trolled the CM with the phrase. While the entire gathering at the temple was left shocked, it was only later realized that the priest had no intention of hurting or insulting anybody.

It so happened that the priest was waiting for his son to bring the Pooja commodities. An anxious priest loudly called out his son, whose name too was Nikhil. 'Nikhil Yelliddiya' was perceived as the famous 'Nikhil Yelliddiyappa' phrase and the supporters of HDK even tried to take the priest to task. The purest explained tot he CM his stand and also introduced his son.

The phrase Nikhil Yelliddiyappa had become very popular during the Mandya elections.

The phrase was used by the CM during the launch of his son's debut film couple of years ago. However, it became popular only during this LS polls as series of memes mushroomed on Social networking sites.

While HDK and Nikhil initially raised objections to he same, recently Nikhil said that the phrase has brought to him immense popularity at the national level and that if ever a film is made with the title, he would act as lead.