Pakistanis a threat to Gulf, says Dubai's security boss

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Pakistanis a threat to Gulf, says Dubai's security boss

Pakistanis a threat to Gulf, says Dubai's security boss

Apr 05, 2018 10:47:59 AM (IST)

Pakistanis a threat to Gulf, says Dubai\'s security boss-1

New Delhi: A top security official from Dubai said Pakistanis are a "dangerous threat to Gulf societies" for bringing drugs there while lauding Indians as "disciplined." He made the comment on the back of the arrest of Pakistani nationals by Dubai officials for alleged drug smuggling.

In tweets posted in Arabic from his verified handle @Dhahi_ Khalfan, Dubai's head of general security Dhahi Khalfan said, "Pakistanis pose a serious threat to the Gulf societies because they bring drugs to (our) countries." He also posted a picture of three alleged Pakistani smugglers standing before a drug haul. Khalfan tweeted to his 2.66 million followers that it was a "national necessity" to "stop the recruitment of Pakistani labour."

In the same series of tweets, he went on to ask, "Why are Indians disciplined while sedition, criminality and smuggling in the Pakistani community are rampant?" Khalfan also suggested Pakistanis should be subjected to increased inspection, similar to what Bangladeshis face "because of the criminal tendencies." "We became strict with the Bengalis because of the criminal tendencies they have shown. Pakistanis must be placed under an increased level of inspection," he posted. Bangladeshis are loosely referred to as Bengalis in some countries. To translate Khalfan's tweets, TOI referred to the English translations as reported in

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