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Demonstrating safety mechanism of gun, man allegedly blows his brains out

Demonstrating safety mechanism of gun, man allegedly blows his brains out

Jan 23, 2019 03:25:47 PM (IST)

Demonstrating safety mechanism of gun, man allegedly blows his brains out-1New Delhi: A man allegedly shot himself in the head while showing his new gun to his friends. The 32-year-old who lost his life was named Amit Kumar. Kumar was showing the safety catch feature of his pistol to his friends when he accidentally shot himself in the head. Even though Amit had removed the magazine, there was a bullet stuck in the barrel of the pistol which resulted in the unfortunate event.

Amit Kumar had just bought the weapon and was showing it to his friends. In an attempt to show them the safety catch feature of the gun, he removed the magazine and pointed the gun at his temple. Completely unaware of the events that were to follow, he pulled the trigger and shot himself in the head. After the bullet was fired, Amit's friends went into a frenzy and took him to Batra hospital where they abandoned him on a stretcher and fled.

After the incident, one of Amit's friends went over to his house to hand over the pistol to his brother, this is where the matter came in the eyes of the police. The Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Vijay Kumar, told the Times Of India that they received a call at the Sangam Vihar police station from the Batra Hospital where Kumar was abandoned. The call was received at around 1.30 am informing the police about a man who had been admitted to the hospital with a bullet injury.

TOI also mentioned that Kumar went to meet his friend Bablu on Monday night in Sangam Vihar where they had beer and left for his house. On their way, they stopped at their friend Rajnish's house where Rajnish asked Kumar to show the pistol to him. After this, Kumar stated that he had bought the weapon for self-defence and started showing it to them when he accidently shot himself.

Rajnish also added that on hearing the gunshot, he and Bablu took his friend to the hospital but left him there after they discovered that there were slim chances of his survival. The DCP also added that they have registered the case under culpable homicide and are looking into the matter.

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