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Anand Mahindra fears he'll be renamed to 'Garbindra' for sharing this video

Anand Mahindra fears he'll be renamed to 'Garbindra' for sharing this video

Oct 19, 2018 12:50:50 PM (IST)

Anand Mahindra fears he\'ll be renamed to \'Garbindra\' for sharing this video-1From being fascinated by Malayalam commentary of FIFA World Cup to helping jakhmi jooto ka doctor with a new kiosk, Anand Mahindra's fascination with his 'WhatsApp pandora box' has given the Twitterverse enough reasons to follow the Mahindra Chairman on microblogging site.

Keeping up with the festive season and his tradition of sharing quirky things from his WhatsApp world, Mahindra chief on Thursday shared a video of New York cops joining a group of women and playing garba with them.

Although it is unclear when and where the video was shot, the now viral clip shows the NYPD enthusiastically joining the Indian women in their festive celebration.

The best part of the clip? The cops, not very well versed with the garba moves, are seen incorporating Macarena dance steps with the crowd cheering them.

Sharing the video on his Twitter page, a delighted Mahindra wrote: "Given the number of garba videos I’ve posted I risk having my name changed to Anand Garbindra, But I can’t resist sharing this classic I received now in my #whatsappwonderbox New York cops who apparently were meant to close down the late-night revelry joined in instead!"

Twitterati chimed in and shared other quirky garba clips.

Air travellers were in for a surprise on Tuesday morning after a flash mob broke into a garba performance at the international terminal of Ahmedabad airport, leaving on-lookers stunned.

Earlier, a video of a group of women showing off their garba moves in a Mumbai local train left Railway Minister Piyush Goyal impressed.