A Bihar teacher paid student's school fee so that he could become a doctor

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A Bihar teacher paid student's school fee so that he could become a doctor

A Bihar teacher paid student's school fee so that he could become a doctor

Jan 11, 2019 06:39:10 PM (IST)

A Bihar teacher paid student\'s school fee so that he could become a doctor-1A good teacher is steadfast and devoted. But a great teacher is one who is selfless, just like this primary school teacher from Bihar.

In a now viral Facebook post, the page 'Humans of Bombay' introduced the world to this man, whose perseverance and dedication to his students extended beyond the hours spent within the four walls of the classroom.

The post reveals how the teacher supported one of his financially weaker students to continue receiving his education. As first, when the student was having trouble buying his supplies, the teachers used his own money to buy the student notebooks, pens, books and other supplies.

When the boy's financial condition worsened, it appeared that the boy, who wanted to become a doctor, would not be able to continue his schooling.

However, the school teacher was not one to let go of his ward so easily. He took up the responsibility of paying the fee for the boy's schooling.

Once his schooling was completed, the boy put himself through college by working side jobs. He also took a loan to fund his education. Today he has become a doctor, much to his teacher's pride.

The beautiful post outlines the importance of a good teacher in a young person's life. Many students often do badly in studies due to unprofessional or uncaring tutors and teachers. However, with a teacher like this, every student can expect to shine.

The post has garnered over 6,000 reactions and has been shared by almost 500 people. Many commented on the teachers' kind and selfless act. "One person cannot change the world, but I can change the world for one person," a user wrote.

Another FB user commented, "As teachers many of us may not have very full wallets...but we all have lived a full life....life full of contentment, pride, love and fulfillment. Many of my students are successful individuals and I am not sure how well I contributed but I did my job honestly and today I rejoice in their successes...God bless you sir for your selflessness."

According to a study conducted by the Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability (CBGA), Bihar has the highest number of unqualified teachers at primary as well as elementary levels, followed only by Bengal.

The study stated that almost 38.7 percent of teachers in Bihar's primary schools were unqualified as teachers or did not fully meet qualification requirements.