The EARTH SONG - A Multilingual tribute to Mother Earth.

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The EARTH SONG - A Multilingual tribute to Mother Earth.

The EARTH SONG - A Multilingual tribute to Mother Earth.

Team NK   ¦    May 16, 2020 12:19:48 PM (IST)

The EARTH SONG - A Multilingual tribute to Mother Earth.-1

9 Languages – 17 Singers – 8 poets – 5 musicians

We are living in unprecedented times and adapting to new ways of caring for the people in our lives. The need of the hour is to socially distance ourselves from our friends, extended family, and the society to ensure each other’s safety. Contrary to our fears of being isolated from each other, the lockdown has actually brought people together through social media platforms, innovative ideas, and initiatives across the globe. Now more than ever people are looking for avenues to brighten their day, to lift their mood, and to keep themselves engaged and entertained. One such creative project took shape under the leadership of a talented and passionate music director and composer, Roshan D’Souza Angelore from Mangalore. What began as a recreation of an old composition, evolved into a major project involving musicians, singers, and artists across the globe with a common goal of creating something outstanding.

The EARTH SONG - A Multilingual tribute to Mother Earth.-2Dilraj and Roshan

The Earth Song concept started with a thought as to give a new life to an old tune composed in 2011 by Roshan. The tune was originally composed by him, for his Musical students’ performance for a school event, themed Earth. With the human race becoming more ambitious day by day, all through the years, our mother earth has suffered a lot with continued abuse by everyone living on the planet. The thought of releasing a video during this COVID19 pandemic about Mother earth and the values of the earth with a message, to remind everyone that we have only one mother earth and it’s time for us to be serious and love it like our own was foremost in mind. Roshan's friends being lovers of nature was an add-on.

The EARTH SONG - A Multilingual tribute to Mother Earth.-3The EARTH SONG - A Multilingual tribute to Mother Earth.-4

Allwyn Fernandes

As the tune and lyrics were originally in Konkani, the plan was to have a small quarantine lockdown Konkani video, with a few known singers of Mangalore. As the thought process started to evolve, Roshan rooted the Idea of making it a multilingual song, involving more people, and this was discussed with the team. Hence began the process of re-structuring the song, which finally involved about 50 artists. As the thoughts of making this song fairly large, it just got moving. Roshan reached out to his longtime friends Dilraj Rodrigues and Ivan Pereira and cousin Melroy Dsouza, to help him chalk out plans for this mega project. Roshan, Ivan, and Dilraj are founder members of the Konkani rock band ‘Teetotalers’ with charitable shows and events to their credit.

The EARTH SONG - A Multilingual tribute to Mother Earth.-5Roshan D'Souza Angelore

Dilraj Rodrigues, currently serving as a Chief Engineer in the Merchant Navy, music, and Konkani comes from deep within his soul, mind, and heart. Dilraj took care of the complete production costs and pitched in ideas as required from on-board the ship. He even managed to get the full ship crew involved for a small cameo video which has been incorporated into the song while sailing the vessel Front Odin across the Indian Ocean. Ivan Pereira, an ace drummer, and proprietor of ProPix graphics studio undertook the designing and final editing of the video.

Melroy Dsouza undertook the role of the Project Designer, coordinator, and publicity in-charge by assisting with all publicity posters promo videos, YouTube promotion, suggestions for videos, etc. A dream come true when Mr. Alwyn Fernandes ace guitarist, the best Mangalore has seen and rated among the top ten guitarists of India by rolling stones agreed to join with the lead guitar, who recorded from Dubai. Talented musician brothers Sanjay and Sanjeeth Rodrigues from Mangalore have also been a part of this project. Sanjay has played the Melodica and keyboards, while Sanjeeth has played drums. Josey Jon a celebrated bass guitarist from Kerala played the Bass guitar, Roshan has played Backing guitars and keyboards. The whole project was mixed and mastered by Nithin Koottungal at Orpheus sound designs at Ernakulum, Kerala, to the best possible quality, as many of the voices were not recorded using professional setups. In the final audio, one cannot make out the difference in recording quality, which is the professional masterstroke by this brilliant mixing engineer.

A team of the most talented lyricists were chose and they complied to compose lyrics glorifying Mother Earth, a great contribution indeed. These included Lloyd Rego Tacoode (Konkani), Wilson Kateel (Tulu, Tamil, Kannada), Sanjay Borkar (Marathi), Karen Tellis (English), Sajeev Sarathie (Hindi), Nithin Kootungal (Malayalam), and Debduth Sadhu ( Bengali).

The EARTH SONG - A Multilingual tribute to Mother Earth.-6

The strong and powerful full voice always reaches out and appeals to people with the right message. Finest of the singers have Lent their voices for the dream project wholeheartedly.

  • Lavita lobo (Konkani) from Chennai
  • Joshal Dsouza (Marathi),
  • Robin Sequeira (Kannada),
  • Meera Crasta(Hindi),
  • Shilpa Cutinha (Hindi),
  • Ashwin Dcosta(Hindi),
  • Roopa Prakash(Tulu),
  • Prakash Mahadevan(Tamil),
  • Rynel Sequeira(English),
  • Joel Dsouza (English),
  • Adolf Jayathilak (English) from Mangalore 
  • Nihal Tauro (Kannada) from Moodbidri
  • Prajoth Dsa (Hindi) from Udupi
  • Sreshtha Ghosh (Bengali) from Kolkata
  • Orson Dsouza (English) from Kuwait
  • Renston Fernandes (English) from the United Kingdom
  • Nithin koottungal(Malayalam) from Ernakulam

The EARTH SONG - A Multilingual tribute to Mother Earth.-7

As it was tough to shoot outside with professional cameras and equipment, due to the Pandemic lockdown, almost all the videos were shot using mobile phones. Each one co-operated by shooting videos from their respective homes in and around Mangalore, around India, Gulf, and places as far as the United Kingdom. The video involves the participation of 20 different families and about 150 people from all over the World. The Song and Video have been composed, compiled, and presented to the people of earth as a gift by the TEAM EARTH SONG, without any monetary benefits/gains/interests in mind.

Watch the video of the Earth Song here : 

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The EARTH SONG - A Multilingual tribute to Mother Earth.
The EARTH SONG - A Multilingual tribute to Mother Earth.
The EARTH SONG - A Multilingual tribute to Mother Earth.
The EARTH SONG - A Multilingual tribute to Mother Earth.

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