Roshni Alumni Association to honor six outstanding social workers on 13th January

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Roshni Alumni Association to honor six outstanding social workers on 13th January

Roshni Alumni Association to honor six outstanding social workers on 13th January

Brian Fernandes   ¦    Jan 12, 2019 03:11:12 PM (IST)

Roshni Alumni Association to honor six outstanding social workers on 13th January-1Mangaluru: The Roshni Alumni Association, Mangalore, an association of the former students of the School of Social Work Roshni Nilaya, will be honoring 6 alumni of the instituion for their contribution to society and social work practice in all its dimensions at its annual home coming “Ayana -2019” to be held at the Mangalore club on 13/1/2019 at 6.00 PM.

These six individuals were selected by a jury with Dr. Olinda Pereira, former Principal and Founder and Managing Trustee of Vishwas Trust in the chair. The honorees have been nominated across three categories – Art, culture & Public Service, Social Work Education and Practice and Social Service and Community work. The honorees are as follows:

1. Art, Culture & Public Service - Mr. Janardhan Kesargadde:1994 batch MSW
2. SW Education & Practice - Mr. Umeshchandra, 1980 batch MSW; Mr.Vasanth Kammila, 1990 batch MSW.
3. Social Service & Community work - Ms. .Sunita Krishnan: 1994 batch MSW; Mr.Sheena Shetty 1986 Batch MSW; Krishna Moolya 1986 batch MSW

All of the honorees have contributed greatly to society in their respective fields as detailed below

Janardhan Kesargadde

Roshni Alumni Association to honor six outstanding social workers on 13th January-2
Janardhan Kesargadde has worked for over two and a half decades for youth empowerment and social transformation. His contribution through cultural intervention on contemporary, social and environmental issues has been path breaking! He has worked for the marginalized, withstood the pressures of society despite all odds and grave challenges, thereby raising the credibility of the Social Work Profession as a dedicated Social worker in the field of Community Development.

Kesaragadde has worked on the rejuvenation of Arkhavarthi river. He is active in training the youth in alternative life skills. His training focuses on evolving alternative perspectives and activities related to education, environment, democracy, and society. His foundational premise is to evolve and engage with ideas that are suitable for everyday life in rural India. A poet too, he is the founder of the Bhumtayi song troupe.


Roshni Alumni Association to honor six outstanding social workers on 13th January-3
Umeshchandra has been tirelessly contributing to the cause of the working class through the trade union system. His struggle for their rights and fair pay has been exemplary and extraordinary. He has even risked his life for the causes he believed in, brushing aside subconsious thoughts of his own professional and personal wellbeing (he was beaten up severely in 1983 by rival groups).

Umeshchandra holds MSW and LLB Degrees and is a practicing advocate. He has been active in public life through the Congress party and its various arms like the Seva Dal, NSUI, INTUC, Youth Congress and its parent body holding various positions as follows:

General Secretary, Jeppinamogru Village Congress Committee since 1980, Treasurer – DK District INTUC 1972-74; Executive Member – Mangalore City youth Congress Committee 1975-77, President – DK District NSUI 1976-79, General Secretary 0 DK Distract NSUI 1976-79, General Secretary – DK District NSUI 1979-80, Vice President – DK District Youth Congress – 1980-82, President – DK District INTUC Joint Council1980-83, Member – National Executive INTUC Youth Wing – 1981-84, Member – National Executive Port and Dock Workers Federation- 1982-86, General Secretary – DK District Youth Congress 1982-84, Member – State Executive INTUC 1982-86

Vasanth Kammila

Roshni Alumni Association to honor six outstanding social workers on 13th January-4
Vasanth Kammila’s contribution has been to keep Social Work Professionals in fine fettle and be of assistance to provide employment to graduating professionals in HR. This apart, he maintains robust and continuing relationships among the professional fraternity. In this process he has enhanced the academic and professional status of the Social Work domain.

Vasanth is a HR Professional of repute in Bengaluru. He started his career at Karnataka Pressure Vessels Pvt. Ltd and later worked with Asian Tractors Ltd and Ballarpur Industries Ltd. Presently he is the director of Aranis Business Process Services Ltd., an outsourcing and management consulting firm.

He is a life member of the National Institute of Personnel Management, Indian Society for Training and Development and is also a past President of the Roshni Alumni Association

Ms Sunita Krishnan

Roshni Alumni Association to honor six outstanding social workers on 13th January-5
Ms Sunita Krishnan is an ardent Indian social activist, who empowers victimized women. She looks at victims as a powerful strong winners, facilitating their ability to turn the tables on the perpetrator. Sunitha Krishnan is the chief functionary and co-founder of Prajwala, a non-governmental organization that rescues, rehabilitates and reintegrates sex-trafficked victims into society. Krishnan works in the areas of anti-human trafficking and social policy. Her organization, Prajwala shelters rescued women and children and set up one of the largest rehabilitation homes in the country. She is making it possible for NGOs organizations to manage jointly a range of protective and rehabilitative services for women and children who have been trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation. She was awarded India's fourth highest civilian award the Padma Shri in 2016.

Prajwala stands upon five pillars: prevention, rescue, rehabilitation, reintegration and advocacy. The organization extends moral, financial, legal and social support to victims and ensures that perpetrators are brought to justice. To date, Prajwala has rescued, rehabilitated, or served over 12,000 survivors of sex trafficking and the scale of their operations makes them the largest anti-trafficking shelter in the world.

In 2003, Krishnan drafted recommendations for rehabilitation of victims of sex trafficking in Andhra Pradesh, which were passed by the State Government as a Policy for Rescue & Rehabilitation of Victims of Trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation vide GO MS 1. The states of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi are now taking cues from Krishnan's strategies to bring in similar rescue policies.
(Information courtesy: Wikipedia)

Sheena Shetty & Krishna Moolya

Roshni Alumni Association to honor six outstanding social workers on 13th January-6Roshni Alumni Association to honor six outstanding social workers on 13th January-7
Sheena Shetty and Krishna Moolya, classmates at Roshni Nilaya, found that they enjoyed each others company, but more importantly shared a common vision from which flowed a common goal – to improve the lives of their brethren and society through the creation of awareness and education. Together they set up the Jan Shikshana Trust (Both are Directors of the Trust) to focus on this shared goal, after doing a lot of ground work with tribals and the socially and economically backward communities in the district of Dakshina Kannada. At the Jan Shikshana Trust, their focus today is on empowerment of Panchayath Raj Institutions, sanitation, solar Power Campaign, Water literacy, Tribal development, Women empowerment, MGNREGS implementation and Gender Equality. They believe that the challenges they face in their mission are communal sensitivity, decline in human values, and changing mindsets about use of plastic and managing its waste (Zero waste management )

The honorees will be felicitated by the Principal of Roshni Nilaya among others at the annual home coming celebration of the Roshni Alumni Association on the 13th of January 2019 at the Mangalore Club.