Prabhu Mundkur: The new star in Sandalwood’s hall of fame

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Prabhu Mundkur: The new star in Sandalwood’s hall of fame

Prabhu Mundkur: The new star in Sandalwood’s hall of fame

Sep 24, 2019 02:02:33 PM (IST)

Prabhu Mundkur: The new star in Sandalwood’s hall of fame-1It is not easy for a youngster to make a mark in Sandalwood. Even star sons are struggling to get projects. And for those who do not have any film connections, it is a nightmare. But there is one youngster, who is rocking Sandalwood with different projects, without any film background. Three of his films have already been released and now he has many films on the verge of release. We are talking about Udupi lad Prabhu Mundkur. In an exclusive chit chat with Karnataka Today’s Vedanth, Prabhu speaks about his journey.

This is what he had to say:

On his non-film background

I hail from an orthodox Konkani Brahmin family from Udupi. No one in my family was ever connected to films. My only connection with films was when I used to perform during cultural activities in schools. As a usual norm for students from the coastal region, I was either supposed to do engineering or medicine. I chose engineering. I went to Chennai to do my masters, which is where the acting bug bit me. I used to be part of plays there. I wanted to be an actor, but I also wanted to be financially secure. Hence I decided to take up a job in Bengaluru.

On his Corporate Job

I shifted to Bengaluru and started working in corporate. I was getting good pay as well. I worked in companies like Biocon and ITC. However, my passion for acting did not stop. I joined an acting institute owned by popular actress Usha Bhandary. I was not able to manage my corporate as well as acting career. Hence I took what I can term as the biggest risk of my life – I quit my corporate job. The biggest risk in life is not to take any risks. I did a short film in Tamil. I started to go for auditions. I failed in nearly 60 auditions. Finally, I was selected for a Kannada serial, wherein I was lead.

Oh his bumpy ride as a thespian

However, the serial was stopped within a few days. I had shot for 15 days. I was very disappointed with it. Usha Bhandary stood by me at that time. I still remember what she said then. She had said that if windows are closed, the doors will open. She was correct. I got an opportunity to act on the big screen with Urvi. My patience had paid off - I was finally made my debut on the big screen.

Prabhu Mundkur: The new star in Sandalwood’s hall of fame-2On his roles in Sandalwood

I made my debut in Urvi. I had worked with the cinematographer of Urvi in my Tamil short film. He recommended my name to the makers. It was a great opportunity to work with popular actresses like Sruthi Hariharan and Shraddha Srinath. The film helped me to get recognition. It was a critically successful film, which made people across the state notice me. My second film was Double Engine. This film gave me mass recognition. As it was a comedy film, people from across state, especially in small towns, recognised me. In two years, I have acted in many films.

D/O Parvathamma, which had Hariprriya in lead released earlier this year. It was a wonderful experience to work with Hariprriya in this film. I played the role of a cake delivery guy in the film. I also got to work with legendary actress Sumalatha Ambareesh in this film.

On projects up for release

I have Mysuru Diaries, Relax Satya, Mayakannadi and Ranchi set for release this year. I have completed my work for these projects. All the films will be released this year. I am really excited as none of the films are similar to each other. All are of different genres. I am sure the audience will love the films. Mysuru Diaries is of the drama genre. Mayakannadi is an investigative thriller about blue whale game. Relax Satya is a thriller about a youngster who gets involved in crime. Rachi is an entertainer, which will be liked by the audience of all sections.

His message to the public…

I would like to say patience is the key. We must never give up. I failed in so many auditions. But I never gave up and waited patiently. I also would ask everyone to stay grounded and work passionately. Success will surely follow you. If working in the film industry is your passion, you must be ready to sacrifice a lot. It will take time, but it is surely worth it.

Prabhu Mundkur: The new star in Sandalwood’s hall of fame-3On whether he would like to take up direction

I would love to direct a film. Every actor has a director in him. However, it is too early. I would like to act in more films. Maybe in future, I may take up direction. But it will not be anytime soon.

A note on his personal life: Not many may know that Prabhu Mundkur is married and also has a daughter. He likes to spend his time with his daughter whenever he is free.

Prabhu Mundkur is waiting for the response from the audience to decide his future course of films. Karnataka Today wishes him all the best for his future.