Old Fiat gets 'Jigga', thanks to Mangalorean lass's artistic hands!

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Old Fiat gets 'Jigga', thanks to Mangalorean lass's artistic hands!

Old Fiat gets 'Jigga', thanks to Mangalorean lass's artistic hands!

Ganesh Mavanji   ¦    Jun 09, 2019 06:09:28 PM (IST)

Old Fiat gets \'Jigga\', thanks to Mangalorean lass\'s artistic hands!-1

Mangaluru: It is a 30-year-old Premier Padmini car that never gathered any attention. Visitors had often told the owner of the car to dispose it off, but owner Dahnysh refused to do so because it was a gift from his beloved uncle. 

Despite Dahnysh moving abroad,  the old neglected beauty remained in the garage of his house 'Chirag' at Valencia in Mangaluru. 

Then one day,  Mehica,  Dahnysh's sister decided to add some colours to the Fiat. An artist,  Mehica's decision to colour the car has now transformed the car from being an eyesore to cynosure of all eyes. 

Mehica, who is pursuing her Master of Arts in Vedic Science through Maharshi Vedavyas International Virtual Vedic University convinced her brother to keep the car. 

She took up the brush and painted whole of tulunadu's rich culture on it. From Yakshagana to tiger dance, from beaches and fishing to some typical words used in Tulunadu,  the car's exteriors have it all. 

One of the words painted on the car's body is 'Nama Jigga', which means 'I am all decked up. That's precisely what has happened to the Fiat at the hands of Mehica. 

Though the car is in running condition, the family is not in a position to take it out as they did not renew its permit and other documents. However, with its new look, it grabs the attraction of all. Mehica’s mother Sonya, a retired lecturer of St Agnes College recalls that during the wedding reception of her son Dahnysh, the same car was the centre of attraction at their house.

"The car was not only the centre of attraction during the marriage programme, but also it was the spot of selfie photos during the programme”, Sonya recalls.

Speaking to Newskarnataka.com Mehica said, “We should not abandon our ancient things as it has some past memories too. I preferred to paint Yakshagana, fishing, ‘Pili-Vesha’ among others on our old car, as it is our culture and tradition. As I am a freelance artist also, I am always expressing my feelings through my paintings”.

Environmentalist Dinesh Holla, who first posted the pictures on his FB page lauding the efforts of Mehica informed that giving an artistic touch to an old car is really commendable work. “They would have got some income if they had sold it to scrap dealer. Instead of that, Mehica preferred to give an artistic touch to the car, thereby she has passed a message that everything should not be seen from a commercial angle”, Holla informed.

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Old Fiat gets 'Jigga', thanks to Mangalorean lass's artistic hands!
Old Fiat gets 'Jigga', thanks to Mangalorean lass's artistic hands!