Loved the 'Go corona' rap remix? Meet Anup KR, the man behind this viral song

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Loved the 'Go corona' rap remix? Meet Anup KR, the man behind this viral song

Loved the 'Go corona' rap remix? Meet Anup KR, the man behind this viral song

Andrea Noronha   ¦    Mar 21, 2020 10:54:24 AM (IST)

Loved the \'Go corona\' rap remix? Meet Anup KR, the man behind this viral song-1Bengaluru: 2019 was good for some, and not so good for others. But when the New Year came around, both cheered with a Corona... the beer. Unlike 2019, 2020 had different (worse) plans in mind for the world and things slowly went awry. The markets crashed and the real Corona invaded our spaces. We went from being socially connected to being socially distant... by compulsion of course. There was nothing really to cheer about in the brand new year. Regardless, we must look for a silver lining in every cloud we see - that's the way we stay alive. There are some of us who are really good at seeing light in the dark- helping us keep the cheer in trying times. Their sense of topicality, humour, and creativity help us live through difficult and depressing situations and we are grateful.

"Go Corona", the protest led by Union Minister Ramdas Athawale, went viral on Facebook a while ago, because of its "uniqueness". While the virus did not pay heed, continuing to destroy our community, a "remix" effort by a content creator on social media, Anup K R has also gone viral and, importantly, brought a smile to glum faces. He remixed the Union Minister's chorus chant to great effect...

Anup K R had no idea that this his casual remix video on coronavirus would go viral. As he says, he made a video on coronavirus, as it was a hot topic, and the video took on a life of its own, garnering over 126,000 views on YouTube, over 3 lakh views on Instagram and over 4 million views on Facebook!

Enjoy the video here:

About Anup KR:

Loved the \'Go corona\' rap remix? Meet Anup KR, the man behind this viral song-2An arts graduate from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, 29-year-old Anup is a Kannadiga born and based in Bengaluru. Professionally, he is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator and makes music on the side.

"I picked up the guitar when I was 15 years old and have been playing music on and off ever since," Anup told

A talented artist, Anup not sings, but also beat-boxes, composes music, pens lyrics and edits videos. He has also released a few singles, however, they have been co-produced by professionals.

Asked why he made the "Go Corona" remix, Anup said, "Putting up content is something we creators have to do. It (coronavirus) was the main topic at the moment... so I thought I'd make a quick video and put it up."

"I did not expect it to go viral," he added, laughing in disbelief.

Anup's videos have a personal touch as he draws from life experiences. In his video "Journey", the artiste narrates his life's journey, all his life experiences and how music saved him.

Loved the \'Go corona\' rap remix? Meet Anup KR, the man behind this viral song-3In 2010, he made a six-song album along with his classmate and friend, comedian Kenny Sebastian, named "Balance". The duo even made a behind the scenes video that is posted to Sebastian's YouTube page.

Anup is an avid rapper and Linkin Park is one of his favourite bands. Given a chance to work with any musician, Anup says that he would love to collaborate with Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park's co-lead vocalist and rapper.

Although Anup sings in different styles, he prefers rap as he is more comfortable in this genre.

For now, the talented young artiste is happy making music on the side, however, given the change to do so, he would like to make music his full-time profession. This should be easy as his family is very supportive and encouraging of his music.

Union Minister Athawale and 'Go Corona':

Coming back to Union Minister Ramdas Athawale and his group's "Go Corona" chants, it's easy to see why videos such as Anup's have gone viral. While the rest of the world is looking for science-based medical solutions to combat the deadly fast-spreading virus, pseudo-science seems to be very prevalent, with many groups of people gathering in large numbers (against sound advise) and shouting various chats, essentially telling the coronavirus to "go".

In an interview with Times Now, Athawale explained that his chants were not intended for the virus to leave as such, but it was an appeal to the people to "get out of places" where the virus is. He added that the slogan was a reminder for people to be aware and alert.

In any case, as long as we are all able to laugh at the end of the day, all is well.