Ladies Club of Mangalore at the Centenary Celebration

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Ladies Club of Mangalore at the Centenary Celebration

Ladies Club of Mangalore at the Centenary Celebration

Team NK   ¦    Mar 16, 2020 12:51:28 PM (IST)

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The ladies club Mangalore, a premier institution is situated at the top of lighthouse Hill and by the veritable galaxy of its members of the female gender achieved unparalleled name and fame.

The members of the Ladies club are indeed proud to announce its ‘Grand Centenary Year’ 2020 - 21.

In the past hundred years, the ladies club has lived up to its reputation and purpose by giving the very best to society, having stood firm in their belief system and values holding fast to preserve The very existence of the ladies club for posterity.

The ladies club was registered in 1920 under the able leadership of a dynamic lady Mrs Lucy Shreshta to cater to the recreational and developmental needs of the ladies club of Mangalore. Indeed Mrs Shreshta had a vision for Mangalore.

District collectors and visiting dignitaries from all walks of life and corners of the globe have praised the spirit of camaraderie, the unique feeling of fellowship, the high standards of entertainment and the good attendance at all the functions and events held at the Ladies club.

One admirable tradition still continues and is significant. The noble idea of helping the less fortunate by distributing love, good cheer and largess.

The hallmark of the club is the Mangalore Ladies club cookery book, now in its seventh edition having a spectacular variety and uniqueness with practical and simplified methods of achieving anybody‘s cooking goals.

The Mangalore Ladies club is proud to announce the launch of their website for all the world to see at the click of a button the best when you in Mangalore to cater to every need, be it a family gathering of a few or even a grand celebration of 1000.

On 24 March at 5 PM the Ladies club is conducting it’s Centenary cookery demo - Presenting to Mangalore: Chef Vernon Lasrado and Chef Len Vas. So come and cook with the best and let the chefs cast their spell.