Karnataka Today is looking for CSR partners for its #ReadKarnataka mission

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Karnataka Today is looking for CSR partners for its #ReadKarnataka mission

Karnataka Today is looking for CSR partners for its #ReadKarnataka mission

Team NK   ¦    Jan 22, 2019 01:05:54 PM (IST)

Karnataka Today is looking for CSR partners for its #ReadKarnataka mission-1Is reading going the way of cursive handwriting? When typewriters and keyboards became mainstream, many people must have wondered, “Is this the end of cursive writing?” Yet, it survived to some extent. In this day and age, however, the question is- “Can it survive the onslaught of the mobile phone and its interactive keyboards?” It is now strangely challenging to write comfortably and swiftly by hand. We are more used to using our thumb and index fingers for tapping the keyboard than holding a pen and most of our handwriting has become a disgrace to the word itself!

Reading was always taught as a complementary skill to writing and these are the first skills we are taught in Kindergarten, besides play! The skills improved with age and stayed with us until the advent of the smartphone, IM services, Instagram and the like. Then we seem to have lost them. GenX, however, were born simultaneously with this tech. Though they have been taught the very same skills as the older generation, they read and write on the mobile, generally in short hand, to make time for the rest of the entertainment available on their smartphones.

This is unfortunate because, in order for our brain to remain healthy, it needs exercise. However, we don’t always dedicate enough time to it. Studies show that reading stimulates brain activity and strengthens the neural connections, making it one of the most beneficial activities for our health.

An active brain doesn’t just work better, it also has a quicker response time. While we read, we are obliging our brain to think, to put our ideas in order, to interrelate concepts, to exercise our memory and to imagine, all of which allow us to improve our intellectual capacity, stimulating our neurons. Reading also generates topics for conversation, which help with social interaction and relationships, another key aspect of keeping our brain exercised.

Where do we begin?

Instilling a love of reading in our children/youth is one of the best gifts we can give them. Reading fosters children’s emotional and psychological development, gives them the opportunity to experience sensations and feelings with which they will mature and learn. With books, they laugh, dream and travel to other worlds; Share pleasant moments as a family, reinforcing the bond with their parents. In short, reading helps children to grow in every way. They need to read to lead in future.

Keeping this social objective in mind, Karnataka Today (Spearhead Publications Pvt Ltd's flagship monthly English magazine) team set itself a mission (not impossible, but possible) - to create a sustainable reading habit among Karnataka's students and help them improve their English language skills. (Even the State Government is contemplating starting English medium schools in rural areas to create a level playing field among the youth!)

At the same time, the hope is for them to be inspired by all that is positive in Karnataka’s polity while simultaneously reorienting their understanding of issues and concerns plaguing the state. This, the Karnataka Today team believes, is the only way to build a wise and prosperous Karnataka. We call it the 'Read to Lead' mission, or if you prefer a hashtag- #ReadKarnataka.

Towards this end, it has decided to focus on providing its wholesome magazine, Karnataka Today, which carries a mix of reading material that interests the youth, for free to students in the state, wherever they may be. However, this mission needs to be supported and many are convinced this is the way forward. Indeed, Praveen Shetty of the Fortune Group of Hotels, UAE is one of the many heroes of this mission. He has sponsored 250 students at Government High School, Vakawady, Government Higher Primary School, Vakawady, Government Higher Primary School, Kavady and Government High School, Kavady.

Praveen Shetty, who hails from Koteshwar Kundapur, is the Chairman and Managing Director of the Fortune Group of Hotels. Despite his massive success, he has not forgotten his roots and has maintained close ties with his homeland. He has been involved in a lot of social initiatives and charity work aimed at the betterment of society. He supports the “Spoorthdhama Ashram” an orphanage as well as shelter for the homeless aged people. He has also helped poor children get an education and told the KT team that creating the reading habit is the only way to create inspired leaders for our nation.

Don’t wait. Join the mission today.

Here’s how. Sponsor as many students' annual subscriptions to Karnataka Today as possible. It’s noble, it's useful, it's healthy, it's easy and it's discounted. Just Rs 100 for 12 issues of Karnataka Today (a wholesome window to the world of Karnataka) for one student (there is no cap on the number of subscriptions you can sponsor). Team Karnataka Today hopes you will donate liberally- individually or as Company registered under the CSR Provisions of the Companies Act 2013 (Clause II of Schedule VII - Promotion of Education).

Use the link http://imojo.in/9l7e7s for easy remittance (INR only) or remit through the banking network for transfer of funds: Account holder’s name: Spearhead Publications Private Ltd; Current A/c no.002512100007963; The Bharat Co-operative Bank (Mumbai) Ltd (Mangalore Hampankatta Branch); IFSC Code: BCBM0000026.

Following your remittance, do send the team an email at canute@spearheadpvtltd.com or WhatsApp on +91 82177 29859 to enable them to cross-link the payment and conclude the transaction. The team will then send you a list of students supported in his/her reading habit by your funds. Alternatively, you may specify the students/schools/colleges you would like this popular magazine to reach. Reach out to us for any clarification in this regard.

Visit www.karnatakatoday.com to know more about the magazine and its contents. You can also reach out to the team on the above WhatsApp number or email address for any clarification in this regard.

“Reading is weightlifting for the brain” - Tim Green.