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Grapes not sour if know to pluck!

Grapes not sour if know to pluck!

Jul 15, 2017 05:22:42 PM (IST)
Grapes not sour if know to pluck!

Mangaluru: A young school boy used to pluck plants from the surroundings to plant in his garden after school hours. An Aloysean, he later landed in the desert to eke a living. After a successful 6-year stint in an accountant’s role in one of the premier hotels in the gulf, his motherland beckoned him.

Blany D’Souza landed back in his home town to pursue happy living with his family. On his return, he carried a grapevine and planted the same in his backyard. It became a large shrub spreading its tentacles on the building walls but gave nothing in return. Puzzled, Blany approached experts in horticulture and incorporated their suggestions to "reap some thing." He pruned the gigantic grapevine by 40 percent and to his surprise he could basket 40 kgs of Afghan variety rich-coloured mouth watering grapes within a year.

Today, Blany D’Souza is an expert in terrace gardening and owns one in 1200 sq ft area filled with wide range fruit, vegetables and attractive flowers. He has set up 40 such gardens across the city using his expertise in the field and his passion drives him to educate children and people through lecturers and live demonstrations.

With 2 decade experience in terrace gardening, a proud Blany says, “We’ve not bought vegetables from outside in the last six years”. At the age 50 probably, Blany is the only one to grow a mid size jack fruit on the roof top. Isn’t that a rare unique feat?!

Blany’s terrace garden stands out in the Monkey Stand area of Marnamikatta in the city and opens a world of opportunities for nature lovers to learn and grow with plants.

When people replicate his business model of growing vegetables, it gives immense happiness, says Blany, the proud father of 2 children with supportive wife to back him 24/7.

Blany’s terrace garden adds a different dimension to the city’s landscape and is truly the cynosure of all eyes.