Grama Vasthavya depoliticised to save Kannada medium schools

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Grama Vasthavya depoliticised to save Kannada medium schools

Grama Vasthavya depoliticised to save Kannada medium schools

Ganesh Mavanji   ¦    Feb 01, 2019 09:37:56 PM (IST)

Grama Vasthavya depoliticised to save Kannada medium schools-1

Mangaluru: While politicians are found engage in 'Grama Vasthavya' (staying at the village) just to gain votes, a team of people headed by Prakash Anchan have planned to hold the same to save Kannada medium schools, which are on the verge of closure owing to fewer students.

The concept of Grama Vasthavya came into existence just to understand the problems of people by staying in villages. But, Prakash Anchan and his team intend to go to village, in order to change the mindset of the people who send their children to private schools, despite their poor financial background.

Though the Government Higher Primary School, Kookrabettu in Marodi village in Beltangady taluk had more than 100 students several years ago, the number has gone down as most of the parents are sending their students to other private schools. Hence, the number of students is reduced to a mere 16 now. Due to fewer children, this school is on the verge of shutting down. On noticing this, Prakash Anchan, a textile merchant who created history by adopting a government school in Daddalkad in Bantwal Taluk and transformed it into a model school in the entire state, is now trying to save this school also.

As Prakash Anchan is also the state president of an agitation committee 'Kannada Shale Ulisi, Belesi', he took an initiative to save this school. As this school is surrounded by three Anganwadi centres, Prakash Anchan has planned to go to Kookrabettu village and hold the Grama Vasthavya in the same village on Friday, February 2. Prior to staying at the village, Prakash and his team have planned to go to three Anganwadi centres, l will meet the parents of those Anganwadi centres, in order to convince them not to enrol their children in private schools and instead in Kookrabettu Government School only. Later, they would hold an interactive session with the residents of that village to find solutions to save the Kannada medium schools.

The measures

In order to prevent parents from enrolling their children in private schools, Prakash plans is to start LKG and UKG classes in the Kookrabettu
government school. With the help of donors, payment will be made to those who teach English to the students. Besides that, more concentration would be given to 'spoken English' in order to build confidence among the students.

'Perception should be changed'

Prakash Anchan told that there is a perception that English medium schools are only meant for the rich people. "Such perception should be changed. Hence, we are planning to provide everything to the government school students free of cost. If our Grama Vasthavya succeeds in Kookrabettu, we would go to other schools facing closure and try to increase their students by providing quality education", he said.

Ray of hope

Pradeesh Haroddu, President of Kookrabettu Alumni Association told that if children get quality education on par private schools, parent would like to send their children to government schools. Prakash Anchan's decision is giving a ray of hope to the residents of Marodi village", he added.

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Grama Vasthavya depoliticised to save Kannada medium schools
Grama Vasthavya depoliticised to save Kannada medium schools
Grama Vasthavya depoliticised to save Kannada medium schools