Government Jobs for All: So what if you’re only 10th Pass?

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Government Jobs for All: So what if you’re only 10th Pass?

Government Jobs for All: So what if you’re only 10th Pass?

Digvijay Singh Kanwar   ¦    Jan 31, 2020 05:14:01 PM (IST)

Government Jobs for All: So what if you’re only 10th Pass?-1

The lure of government jobs has always been strong. Thousands of job vacancies open up across the country every year and lakhs of job seekers apply.

The whole affair is bittersweet; not everyone makes it eventually: some fall out of the race for not satisfying the eligibility while others don’t get through the preliminary and mains examinations.

The sheer number of applicants is always astounding. And why wouldn’t it be? Government jobs are lucrative as they offer plenty of allowances and perks besides providing stability for life.

Keeping applicants who do not get through the exams/interview aside, there are those who do not make the cut for an obvious reason — not fulfilling the minimum education eligibility criterion which can be 10th pass, 12th pass, graduate, post-graduate and so on.

This article talks about government jobs for 10th pass candidates and the available job roles under specific sectors.

#1 Police Jobs
Jobs in this sector are some of the most sought-after government jobs in India. And all the hype surrounding it results from the association with the police, which is considered prestigious. Dignity is precisely one of the major reasons why numerous candidates compete with each other.

As for the selection process, it consists of a preliminary exam that tests your critical thinking, written skills, and aptitude. And then a fitness test follows. Based on the results in both these tests, the concerned department releases a merit list, and if you’re on it an interview will be scheduled.

Some of the job roles under police jobs are as follows:

  • Armed Police Constable Men
  • Coastal Wardens
  • Civic Volunteers
  • Police Constable KSISF
  • Follower
  • Constable Executive
  • Sepoys/Constable Males
  • Special Reserve Police Constable
  • Subedar Major/Solider

#2 Railway Jobs
According to Wikipedia, Indian Railways is one of the leading employers in the world. In fact, it ranks 8th on the list of 10 largest employers in the world. As of 2015, Indian Railways had 1.4 million employees on their payroll.

As for the railway job vacancies, they hire a lot every year. But don’t be mistaken — the competition is fierce. Railway jobs can be categorized into two groups: C & D. As a 10th pass candidate, you’ll have to pick any from these two groups which consist of job roles that require technical expertise or manual labor.

Group C

  • Clerk
  • Commercial Apprentice
  • Ticket Collector
  • Traffic Apprentice
  • Station Master

Group D

  • Peon
  • Helper
  • Safaiwala / Safaiwali
  • Trackman
  • Assistant Points Man
  • Gunman

#3 Banking Jobs
The banking sector has always been a major employer all over the world. Yes, there are different banks; in fact, hundreds, which makes the prospect of employability all the more sweeter for job seekers.

In India alone, the infamous State Bank of India employs more than 2.2 lakh individuals. It ranks only behind Railways, India Post, Armed Forces, and TCS in terms of workforce strength. 10th pass candidates definitely have prospects in the banking industry. But do note that to get a banking job, you’ll have to appear for multiple examinations and interviews, depending on the role. And what roles are up for grabs?

  • Multipurpose Staff
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Sweeper
  • Peon

#4 Defence Jobs
As was the case with Police Jobs, Jobs in Defence is, again, all about pride. This is one of the sectors that offers multiple benefits to its employees. But perhaps, it’s all about the discipline and the class it brings.

You might not be able to bag high-ranking defense job roles as they require, not only high qualifications but also outstanding grades/results in the qualifying criterion. But the following job roles are tailored for 10th pass candidates in defense:

  • Machinists
  • Tailors
  • Mate Tradesmen
  • Cooks
  • Multi-tasking Staff
  • Washer men
  • Engine Fitter
  • Welders
  • Electricians
  • Painters

The selection process is quite similar to police jobs: a written exam to gauge aptitude, communication & critical thinking; a fitness/medical examination; interviews.

#5 SSC Jobs
You might wonder why SSC jobs are at the bottom of the list but the truth is that this list is in no particular order. Also, jobs by the Staff Selection Commission are as good as any other on this list. In fact, some might even think that SSC jobs are the best of the lot.

As an employee, you’ll have to work for the State and/or Central Government Ministries. The job roles that you can take up are as follows:

  • Postal/Sorting Assistants Multitasking Staff
  • Data entry Operators
  • Court / Lower Division Clerks

Learning never stops. You can upskill yourself anytime and always grab a higher education qualification than the 10th Pass Certificate that you have in your possession as of now. It’ll undoubtedly offer better and higher-ranking job opportunities in the same sectors listed above.

But for now, you use what you have. The government has taken steps to give employment opportunities to all its citizens. Make the most of it and keep improving yourself at all times for a better career, life, and future.

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