'Gini Helida Kathe' will not disappoint anyone: Dev Rangabhoomi

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'Gini Helida Kathe' will not disappoint anyone: Dev Rangabhoomi

'Gini Helida Kathe' will not disappoint anyone: Dev Rangabhoomi

Vedant   ¦    Jan 10, 2019 05:16:39 PM (IST)

\'Gini Helida Kathe\' will not disappoint anyone: Dev Rangabhoomi-1Dev Rangabhoomi is basking in the glory of his yet-to-be-released film "Gini Helida Kathe". So far, the film's teaser and audio track of the film has generated a lot of buzz and the Kannada film audience is awaiting its release. The film, of which Dev is the producer, story writer and screenwriter, is all set to release across the state tomorrow, January 11. Taking time out of his busy schedule, Dev spoke to Newskarnataka.com about the journey of "Gini Helida Kathe". Here are the excerpts:

How did the idea of the film come about?

I started working on the script for the film four years ago. It is a love story between a driver and a teacher. I am from the theatre field and have always been inclined towards art. My intention was to make a family entertainer which can be viewed by people of all ages. I also decided to involve newcomers and roped in Nagaraja Uppunda to direct.

What role does the parrot play in the film?

The parrot plays a pivotal role in the film. I cannot reveal any more about the plot. All I can say is that it is a love story with a twist. The parrot brings a twist in the film, that is why the film has been titled as such.

Most of the artists in the film are drama artists. Don’t you think it was a risky move?

I think casting theatre artists in the film is the best decision. As I am from the theatre background, I know each and every aspect of acting. Theatre keeps you grounded and is the best institute for one to learn how to act. There are nearly 87 characters in our film and almost all of them are played by drama artists. They have performed well. I also feel that with this film, they will get the publicity they deserve.

How has the response been for the teaser and songs?

The response has been excellent. We have been getting positive feedback on social media and the songs have played an important role in generating buzz for the film. I am thankful to Hithan Hassan for his music. Lahari Audio is marketing the song in a wonderful way. The teaser of the film has also got a great response from the masses. Although it has shown some part of the plot, it serves as a small introduction to the film. You will have to watch the film in the theatre to find out everything.

What are your future projects?

Right now I am waiting for the release of this film. I will make an official announcement regarding my next project soon. I would like to work on good projects and work in the Kannada film industry. I feel that this is the best time to be in the industry as content-oriented films are gaining importance.

Finally, what do you want to say to the Kannada film audience?

I request everyone to watch the film in the theatre. We have been working hard on the film for the past four years. Please watch the film in theatres and do not opt for piracy. I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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'Gini Helida Kathe' will not disappoint anyone: Dev Rangabhoomi