‘Body Sculpt’, a glamour calendar with social perspective

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‘Body Sculpt’, a glamour calendar with social perspective

‘Body Sculpt’, a glamour calendar with social perspective

Likhith Shenoy   ¦    Jan 09, 2019 10:14:28 PM (IST)

‘Body Sculpt’, a glamour calendar with social perspective-1Body Sculpt fashion photographer, Nikos Narkissos

Bengaluru: Here’s a fashion photographer who hails from Maharashtra named Nikos Narkissos who has set an example by creating exemplary portfolios of those modeling and fitness enthusiasts, who neither had 'godfathers nor financial or family support.

Nikos has a fashion calendar to his credit named 'Body Sculpt', which began its journey from the year 2017.

Nikos has managed to stay away from the trend of other glamorous calendars that have set a benchmark, which promote only conventional idea of beauty like fair complexion and glamour.

The specialty of this calendar is that the models that he has promoted through his calendars have achieved a milestone by winning the titles such as Mr. Sri Lanka World 2016/17, Mr. Sri Lanka Supranational 2018, Mr. Supranational 2019 and many more. But Nikos says that he doesn’t know whether to call it a "coincidence", "luck" or "reality."

Nikos has under him, models who are mostly from South Asia. Most of his models are from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and neighbouring country Sri Lanka.

He has managed to launch several models who are from various walks of life.

Tymeron Huban Carvalho, is a Tamilian from Sri Lanka. He is a gay and fashion designer by profession. He has no one in his family who supports his profession but has stepped out of all odds and worked hard towards his passion.

Speaking to newskarnataka.com, Nikos said, "Tymeron is the first gay model to pose for a fashion calendar and we are proud to have him on our calendar. Yes, there are instances wherein people have been cynical about him becoming model and so on. There are some people remembering the instances of constanmaut fights between the Singhalese and the Tamilians."

‘Body Sculpt’, a glamour calendar with social perspective-2

Sri Lankan Model Tymeron Huban Carvalho

“I still do not understand why people stereotype the South Indians of being dark in complexion and think that they always wear a lungi (a type of sarong and a traditional garment). I have told people to change their perspective on the South Indians and have said the that there are handsome hunks and beautiful ladies, here as well”, he added.

Nikos also said, “After the historic verdict of the Supreme Court on excluding Section 377, has helped open the gates to the LGBT community to pursue their desired career, which ensures equal opportunities."

Nikos says that Abraham Khan, a model from Bengaluru is a fitness trainer by profession and with less than minimum educational qualification has achieved success in the glamour world. He was awarded Mr. Bengaluru Muscle Model 2016.

‘Body Sculpt’, a glamour calendar with social perspective-3Abraham Khan

Unfortunately, because of an accident that he met with recently, Abraham will not be able to participate in any of the competitions until July.

Speaking about Manoj Raj, Nikos told newskarnataka.com, “Manoj who has won the Prince of South India title, is an IT professional and because his job demands dedication, he is not been able to concentrate on the modeling career. However, he is a modeling enthusiast and makes it a point to give time to his passion during his leisure."

‘Body Sculpt’, a glamour calendar with social perspective-4Manoj Raj

Model named Poorna Chandran is from Chennai, who is a bodybuilder. He has followed his father's footsteps. Poorna works in the Indian Railways and has represented India on various bodybuilding competition platforms within the country and abroad.

‘Body Sculpt’, a glamour calendar with social perspective-5Poorna Chandran

Another model from the 'party hub' Goa, is Prathamesh Maulingkar is a football player, who has won the Mr India Supranational 2018 title.

Prathamesh footballer by profession, had got immense support from his family and has represented India in Under 19 and 23 category. Unfortunately a serious injury took him on a backfoot with respect to representing the senior category.

‘Body Sculpt’, a glamour calendar with social perspective-6Prathamesh Maulingkar with Nikos Narkissos

He marks it as the lowest point in his life. But his sheer passion towards fitness did not make him weak and give up so easily. He toiled hard in the fitness industry, which he had knowledge on and with discipline he achieved a toned body, and also has his own fitness center.

Prathamesh bagged oppurtunities of reprsenting for some of the leading brands and work with big names in the modelling industry.

Nikos believes that the lives of the models on the calendar are not as colourful as they are.

Nikos also gives an example of Vibhu Sharma, who is a model-actor and who has played a lead role in a show titled, "Dil Ko Aaj Jaane Ki Tamanna Hai."

‘Body Sculpt’, a glamour calendar with social perspective-7Vibhu Sharma

He says, "Vibhu’s father has cancer to treat which the family has spent lakhs of rupees. Amid this crisis, he still manages to put up a good show."

I’ve certain policies in Body Sculpt: Nikos
As the glamour industry has a typical demand towards fair complexion and stereotypical mentality of having glamorous looking people who come from a high profile background, at Body Sculpt it has got a different dimension.

Speaking to newskarnataka.com Nikos said, “We have a certain set of policies, which normally is not observed in other fashion calendars. They are:

1. Concentrating on budding athletes and local talents from India and Sri Lanka.

2. No mixing gender in the photoshoot to have a clear segment of male and female.

3. Avoiding stereotype

Nikos says that the models featured in Body Sculpt are also multi-talented who are good at Bharatanatyam, sports etc.

The reason why Nikos has kept a division between male and female model photoshoot and calendar is that both have a different dimension to it. The backdrop and colour scheme that goes into has a lot of difference.

He said, “There is nothing to do with gender bias as people think, but the appropriation of settings.”

Nikos aims at providing a platform to more such local talents and models who are not born with a silver spoon in the mouth.

He refrains from entertaining the high class and high profile models, as he has made it very clear that ‘Body Sculpt’ is the platform for those who are ‘unknown’ to the world and have passion towards the industry.