Ayush Matta rice, health-friendly high nutrient rice

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Ayush Matta rice, health-friendly high nutrient rice

Ayush Matta rice, health-friendly high nutrient rice

Ganesh Mavanji   ¦    Jul 28, 2019 02:12:45 PM (IST)

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Mangaluru: Rice is the most common food, popular all over the world. However, some people avoid eating rice due to its high carbohydrate content, which can lead to weight gain. For all those who love rice, but avoid eating it because of weight issue can now think of going for Matta rice, a very good alternative to the regular rice.

This rice is very popular in our neighbouring state Kerala, and the entire coastal belt i.e Maharastra, Karnataka, Goa and Tamil Nadu. Various South Indian dishes like ‘idli’ and ‘appam’ are made from this rice. The matta rice is brown in colour and has a lot of health benefits.

The matta rice that is not polished (outer layer or the husk is intact) is called 'whole grain matta rice or 'brown rice'. All the nutrients continue to remain in the unpolished rice, while it is lost in polished rice. Polishing removes all the nutrients, leaving behind only the carbohydrates, say experts.

According to Ayurveda experts and physicians matta rice is very good for heart. It contains very less amount of fat and cholesterol, which improves the health of our heart. It helps in preventing blockage and clogging in arteries. Since matta rice has very less amount of calories, it is very good for preventing and controlling obesity. This rice is ideal for weight-loss diet.

It is a known fact that zinc is a mineral that helps in healing wounds. Experts also opine that matta rice is rich in zinc, so it is very useful for treating wounds. It helps in faster healing of cuts and wounds. Matta rice contains high amounts of nutrients that improve deficiency diseases. It contains vitamin A and B, which helps in improving our health. Deficiency of vitamin A and B causes several types of diseases which can be cured by consuming Matta Rice. The rice contains vitamin B6, which helps in the production of serotonin in our body. Eating matta rice can protect you from diabetes. It helps in preventing insulin resistance while helping in lowering blood sugar level due to its low glycaemic index value. Hence, doctors suggest that diabetic patients should eat matta rice instead of taking the regular white rice.

It controls Hypertension also

The matta rice helps in controlling the problem of hypertension. It has lot of fiber and other nutrients that can reduce the blood pressure levels. Thus, people who have hypertension should include the matta rice in their diet. Doctors also say that people who suffer from high cholesterol can benefit by eating matta rice. The rice contains nutrients that help in reducing cholesterol levels. Digestion can be improved by eating matta rice. The rice contains fiber, which controls digestion and prevents digestive disorders like gas, bloating and indigestion. It helps in having easy bowel movements and prevents constipation. Matta rice helps in improving the health of our bones and teeth too. The rice has a high amount of calcium, a nutrient that makes our bones healthy while preventing bone diseases.  It also prevents many types of teeth disorders.

Dr Srinivas, a medical officer in Government Ayurveda Hospital Virajpet told Newskarnataka.com that matta rice is rich in magnesium, calcium and vitamin B 12. “ Matta rice is healthy food for heart patients as it prevents the formation of clots in arteries”, he adds.

Ayush Matta rice

Modern Industrial Corporation, located at Long Lane in Urwa manufactures matta rice under the brand name ‘Ayush’. Though  Modern Rice mill has been functioning from the last six decades, the ‘Ayush’ brand of matta rice is a new product in the market.

This Rice has been tested for Glycemic Index and offers various benefits to the consumer. Modern Industrial Corporation is a leading exporter of Matta Rice from Karnataka. They also supply to the local market.

“Ayush” Rice is available in all leading outlets in Mangalore like

  • Ayur Vivek, Opposite Government College Hampankatta
  • Housewives First Choice’ in Kuloor,
  • Fathima Traders, Market Road, Mangaluru,
  • V Bazar Bhavanthi Street, Car Street,
  • Tharanath Stores, Bejai,
  • VV Traders Maryhill,
  • Arnav Traders, Kudroli
  • NCS & Co, Bantwal
  • Atkere Laxman Anantha Pai & Sons, Koteshwara
  • Change Super Market, Balmatta, Mangalore
  •  Sri Ram Traders, Kanhangad

This rice is also exported to several countries like Australia, Europe, USA and the Gulf.

Speaking to newskarnataka.com Modern Industrial Corporation partner, Nandan Mallya informed that the company has been maintaining the quality for the last six decades and there is no compromise on it. "Our company is engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of different varieties of rice. We strongly believe in our up-graded processing unit that enables us to offer premium quality rice with high nutritional value. Our Rice is tested regularly at various labs at regular intervals. This helps us to maintain the quality as per international standards", Mallya adds

The proprietor of Ayur Vivek, Naresh Shenoy informed newskarnataka.com that there is a good response from the customers for ‘Ayush’ rice. “Those who purchase ‘Ayush’ matta rice have been giving good feedback to us. They also inform about the health benefits, which they received after its consumption”, he said.

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Ayush Matta rice, health-friendly high nutrient rice