Animal Care Trust - home for the four-legged pals in Mangaluru

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Animal Care Trust - home for the four-legged pals in Mangaluru

Animal Care Trust - home for the four-legged pals in Mangaluru

Divya Cutinha   ¦    Feb 19, 2018 03:30:30 PM (IST)

Animal Care Trust - home for the four-legged pals in Mangaluru-1Do you go awww when you see a cute puppy walking by or enjoy watching cat videos? If you are a staunch animal lover, here is a home for your four-legged pals.

The cute puppies, cats, birds and other animals are here to pamper you with unconditional love. This week’s NKTV episode takes you to "Animal Care Trust", an animal shelter in the city.

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ACT shelters abandoned, abused and homeless dogs, cats, cattle, birds and other animals in Mangaluru since its existence. Ably led by a team of trustees, the shelter consists of young and enthusiastic volunteers and veterinary doctors providing life-saving medical treatment, food and unlimited love to all kinds of animals here.

The shelter named as "Vatsalya" has several wards dedicated to these rescued animals. "Lassy" for dogs, "Misty" for old and sick dogs, "Dayakara" for helpless dogs, "Dhruvtara" for injured and sick cats and "Mathrchaya" for pregnant dogs and cats.

Self maintained and recognised by the Animal Welfare Board of India, ACT, a registered charitable trust also holds anti-rabies vaccination and animal birth control programme in city in association with the Mangaluru City Corporation.

Other than rescuing and sheltering abandoned and injured animals, the NGO situated at Shaktinagar in Mangaluru also holds awareness programmes especially among the youth.

The rescue van travels across the city looking for stray animals. Injured animals are treated with the help of volunteers at the shelter and also some of the animals are sterilised to bring population under control and left at their same location, says Suma Naik, one of the trustees.

These homeless, neglected animals rescued here are also adopted, thanks to the shelter which has been organising adoption camps every year. You can change your life by adopting a cat or dog during these camps which is absolutely free and take home a new forever friend.

A young team ably supported by a committee and donors is carrying forward the noble work of helping the community dogs and other animals, says an elated Dr. Ganesh S Pai, Managing Trustee of the shelter.

If you want to help the shelter with donations or become a member or volunteer you can logon to or call on 8867021053 or 9845255777.

You can also email at