After 'Ramayan' telecast, here are the memes!

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After 'Ramayan' telecast, here are the memes!

After 'Ramayan' telecast, here are the memes!

IANS   ¦    Mar 31, 2020 03:36:35 PM (IST)

After \'Ramayan\' telecast, here are the memes!-1Mumbai: Doordarshan's decision to re-run popular shows of the eighties -- particularly "Ramayan" -- has come as a nostalgic rush for many, but many others are also quite amused. The outcome is a surfeit of memes about the show all over social media, which have been lately.

Since Tuesday morning, the two female antagonists of the epic, Queen Kaikeyi and her maid Manthara, have been trending on Twitter.

One user tweeted: "What I learned from today's Ramayan episode: Manthara jaise kut neeti wale logo se door rahe nahi to Apke Apno ko ap khud banvas doge #RamayanOnDDNational."

Another user shared: "I have always wanted true friends like Hanuman and Laxman but all I got is Manthara and Vibhishan. #Ramayana"

Some viewers even went to the extent of comparing actress Swara Bhaskar to the mythological character, calling her "Modern-day Manthara."

Taking a lesson from "Ramayan" and "Mahabharat", another viewer tweeted: "31 March 2020 9 am & 12 pm #Ramayana - Negative people /words/thought must be kept at distance like mantra, otherwise you will destroy your own family like kaikeyi.. #Mahabharat - destiny is written but one should keep on working hard."