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Minister gets 64 petitions at grievance meet

Minister gets 64 petitions at grievance meet

S J   ¦    Dec 06, 2017 04:27:43 PM (IST)

Minister gets 64 petitions at grievance meet-1Dharwad: As many as 64 public grievances petitions, peratining to issues of school infrastructure, crop insurance, alleged fraud at a cooperative society etc were submitted to district in-charge minister Vinay Kulkarni at the Jana Samparka Sabhe held in Dharwad.

Tadkod villagers put forth their demand for a new school building alleging that the renovation works of the government high school building which happens to be in a dilapidated condition is yet to be undertaken by the Education Department despite orders. Kulkarni said efforts would be made in a week’s time to bring the issue to the notice of Primary and Secondary Education Minister Tanvir Sait and release funds for a new school building.

While complaining about chilli and cotton growers not getting the benefit of crop insurance for kharif, the farmers demanded extension of the last date to pay the premium for rabi crop.

Agriculture Joint Director T. Rudreshappa said Rs. 72-crore crop insurance for kharif cotton and chilli is pending. Based on technical committee report, Rs. 1.52 crore during the first phase has been released and amount will be remitted shortly, he added.

The issue of alleged irregularities at the Kalabhaireshwar Cooperative Society was raised by few people who claimed that the society had duped them of money. Deputy Commissioner S.B. Bommanahalli said action can be taken against the officer who gave permission to the society which has no bank account or other documents.

On diversion of the Tuprihalla rivulet, Navalgund MLA N.H. Konraddi said the State government has sanctioned Rs. 1,120 crore for modernisation of Malaprabha Right Bank Canal. Accordingly, the government has also sanctioned Rs. 1 crore for dredging of Tuprihalla. The work will begin in a week’s time, he said.