Kids save deer from dogs, win villagers' hearts

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Kids save deer from dogs, win villagers' hearts

Kids save deer from dogs, win villagers' hearts

L K   ¦    May 14, 2019 06:06:48 PM (IST)

Kids save deer from dogs, win villagers\' hearts-1

Hanur: A deer under attack by a pack of dogs was saved by the children and given first aid here on Tuesday, May 14.

This incident is reported from Birot of Shagya Gram Panchayat jurisdiction wherein the group of children Arun Kumar, Chethan, Bhavani, Veerendra, Chandu, Priyanka, Ramya, Manoj, Mallesh, Manasa, Pritam and Lokesh rescued the deer from the dogs. They are all in the age group ranging between 8 to 13 years.

A deer had come towards the village from Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary in search of food and water during which a kennel of dogs had attacked it. The children who witnessed this, pelted stones at the dogs and beat the dogs with the sticks.

When the kids rushed towards the deer, they found it lying severely injured. The children immediately made arrangements for its first aid and gave water to drink and some shrubs to eat.

They took very good care of the wounded deer until their elders arrived.

Later, the forest officials took the deer and left it back into the forest.

The villagers have lauded the efforts of the children.