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Two day national symposium at SJCE

Two day national symposium at SJCE

Apr 17, 2017 09:38:38 AM (IST)

Mysuru: Two day national level technical symposium ‘Tantragyaan’ will be held at SJCE campus on April 17 and 18.

The purpose of the two day technical symposium is to provide platform for knowledge sharing and enhancing the competitiveness among the students in the field of civil engineering and project management. The symposium includes technical sessions on “Recent Trends in construction and management" by renowned expertise. Along with the technical talks there will be technical events in which students from across the country will be seen in action.

During the two day event technical events such as ‘Survey Lens: Practical experiments based on basic survey knowledge’, ‘Geotechnology: Exploration in the field of soil’, ‘Concrete Technology: Economical usage of concrete and it's technical advancements’, ‘Auto CAD: Modern technique of designing the plan of a building’, ‘Technical quiz: Basic questionnaire on civil engineering divided into unique rounds’, ‘Management: Managerial aspects in construction field which includes economic usage of time and resources’, ‘Model making: Creating a miniature model with limited resources’, ‘Paper presentation: Presenting seminar on a given specific topics’ and ‘Photography’ also will be held.

K . Prakash , Professor and Head of Department of civil engineering,SJCE will inaugurate the event, T. N. Nagabhushan, Principal of SJCE will also be present.