Human Library is back again this year at 'Pragyan', NIT Trichy

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Human Library is back again this year at 'Pragyan', NIT Trichy

Human Library is back again this year at 'Pragyan', NIT Trichy

Mar 14, 2019 02:39:56 PM (IST)

Human Library is back again this year at \'Pragyan\', NIT Trichy-1With the concept of being a class apart from conventional libraries, the need for “books” that could inspire and initiate thought-provoking discussions took the stage, over the course of time. Given that each page in a book is open to interpretation to the reader, the probability of getting the desired result seems to be low.

Anthropomorphic interactions have far-reaching effects on those involved. Slowly resolving its operations, the concept of a human library was initially hinted at being successful and true to its words soon became an event hard to miss. Compared to books it can be as immersive while imparting deep yet contrasting emotions on the “reader”.

Revolving around misconceptions, these libraries tend to change the mindset of many who visit the library, leaving an indelible mark on their minds for years.  According to its website, the Human Library is “a place where difficult questions are expected, appreciated and answered.” The element of a genre in conventional reading styles undergoes a complete transformation which is something to look forward to, with ‘non-fiction’ particularly striking close to the heart.

It has the ability to portray unexplained and unknown aspects of human lives without having known of them otherwise, which makes it a better prospect in terms of a commercial venture. In terms of reality, this is as real as it can get, there is no editing or proofreading added. It boils down to them being just direct down-to-earth conversations, straight to the point. Contrasting opinions come into the play here and this gives speculation to interesting discussions, fuelled by opinions, facts and best of all- experiences.
The concept of the Human Library was easily able to gain the attention of the people owing to the simplicity of the process and the ease of setting up.

Human Library is back again this year at \'Pragyan\', NIT Trichy-2

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It can be ambiguous in terms of the people involved as there is no personal identity here, only the human nature of both the interacting individuals and this only makes it better to focus on the topic in question. The ability to connect with the content first-hand, makes it engaging, as it throws the spotlight at the notion embodied. Nothing can be predicted here, as the Human Library serves to break the predictable.

“Life’s an open book. Read one and draft your own.”
Here at Pragyan, NIT Trichy in its latest edition, 15 books will be available to share their life experiences, and this will be succeeding the Human library held during Pragyan’18 held in association with Human Library Hyderabad. Giving better insights on the political system and the possibility of the presence of the youth in it, stereotyping based on their states, the extent of being affected with grief while also exploring trending sensitive issues such as veganism.

Pragyan 2019 under the patronage of Indian National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO, CEE, SAYEN, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, National e-Governance Division, Make In India and Digital India, is scheduled to take place from the 14th to 17th of March 2019.

Pragyan in its ventures seeks to make changes that are otherwise unnoticed in this fast moving generation while striking a balance between rapidly evolving technology and our dependence on the same. Ranging across various workshops, events and lectures, there lies a spectrum of values, waiting to enable growth to those who experience it.

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