How to Write an Evaluation Essay with Excellence? IELTS Advice

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How to Write an Evaluation Essay with Excellence? IELTS Advice

How to Write an Evaluation Essay with Excellence? IELTS Advice

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Even if you do not like to write an essay or think that you will not need this skill in everyday life and work, sooner or later you will meet it. Essay writing is a must-have part of all international English language exams like IELTS, and sometimes even a job interview.

It is not necessary to rely on intuition - in the English exam essay, you may not forgive the unstructured, the lack of appropriate vocabulary, and especially - the pouring of "water", the abuse of extra words to increase the volume of text. Before you prepare for IELTS, take note of our advice and remember that an evaluation essay in English is a simple task that should be done carefully and with high quality.

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Top Tips on Writing an Evaluation Essay for IELTS

Read - Write - Read - Write
In other words, do not start your next paragraph without reading the previous paragraph just added. Take care of the text's coherence and presentation logic. Try to read everything written aloud, turn into your imaginary reader. Is everything clear? Are there any questions about the logic of the author?

Don't Be Too Smart, Be Clear - Choose the Best Ideas
The popular mistake of first-time essay writers in English is to try to say it all at once. The exam text is first and foremost a test of your language skills, not your general level of intelligence. So pick one or two of the most straightforward statements and write about them in detail, this is just an evaluation essay, not a monograph.

Write About What Is Clear, Choose the Topic You Know Best
It is not necessary to have your head over a complex and intricate essay topic - again, international English exams do not assess your IQ. The ideal option is to write about something that is common, spread around the world, but at the same time to open up personal experiences, avoiding generalizations, and narrowing the subject.

Examples Are More Telling than Explaining
If you feel confused in your own words trying to unravel the essence of the problem you have chosen, then refuse to explain. In this case, more accurate examples, life situations, or quotations that confirm your point of view will be more valuable.

Don't Write Too Much
The exam essay does not have an officially limited volume, but experts do not advise writing more words than needed. First, the examiner allocates the same amount of time to each writing job. And so, long essays are read less carefully than short. Secondly, the more you write, the greater the chance of language errors. Third, the bulky text increases your chances of deviating from the topic, and what does not apply to the topic does not apply to the examiner. Instead, if you write less, you give yourself more time to choose the most accurate words and more time to self-test.

Control Your Typical Mistakes
Everyone knows most of their weaknesses and strengths. During self-testing, remember what words you might have made a mistake in, whether there were any punctuation issues, etc. Look for common mistakes before passing an essay - there is a chance that they will not be found by an examiner.

Present a Coherent Text Before Writing It
Of course, in the process of essay creation, something can be changed or supplemented. However, the skeleton of the text should be kept in mind when writing. This will make it harder for you to stray too far.

The First Sentence of Each Paragraph Is the Most Important
An essay in English requires adherence to structure. Remember, there are three main essay genres - For & Against, Points to consider, Opinion (Special Point of View). Each of these genres has specific characteristics, but there are general requirements for the structure.

It is a good idea to start with an introduction that describes the problem and gives you a general overview of the issues without expressing your point of view. The main part is to concentrate on your position on the problem, not forgetting examples, quotes, facts. In the final part, we need to draw a conclusion from everything written above. An indicator of student literacy is the use in the essay of the so-called linking words, words that make the text coherent, and immediately sent to the selected type of essay.

Practice Writing Essay Pieces
Each element of the structure of the essay has its own peculiarities, both stylistic, lexical, and grammatical. It is necessary to learn to write separately the introduction, separately the conclusions, separately - paragraphs. And only then take on a coherent text.

Remember the Question You Answer in Your Essay
Every sentence in an evaluation essay you write must be related to your idea, answering the main question you have taken up in the text. If this sentence or even a paragraph is thrown out of context is far from the idea - boldly cross out and write further.

Good luck!

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