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Siddaramaiah govt is corruption-free: Devegowda

Siddaramaiah govt is corruption-free: Devegowda

Sc DC   ¦    Dec 05, 2017 04:28:16 PM (IST)

Siddaramaiah govt is corruption-free: Devegowda-1

Bellary: Calling himself the first CM and PM to have delivered a corruption-free government, JD(S) Supremo HD Devegowda has said that after him, Siddaramaiah has been successful in giving corruption free governance during his tenure.

Addressing the media in Bellari, on Tuesday, December 5, Devegowda praised CM Siddaramaiah and said, "Siddaramaiah has given a corruption-free government till now and his ministers are also corruption free. Even during the tenure of Kumaraswamy there were no allegations of corruption. But he is facing a case which is yet to be cleared."

Lashing out at the BJP leaders, Devegowda said, "After Mangaluru, they are trying to disrupt the communal harmony in Bababudangiri and Hunasur. Since the election is nearing, they have been indulging in these activities. I urge them not to play with the emotions of the people."

Devegowda also criticized PM Modi who is camped in Gujarat, campaigning ahead of the assembly elections.