Hosapete car mishap: Victim's family says police botching up probe

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Hosapete car mishap: Victim's family says police botching up probe

Hosapete car mishap: Victim's family says police botching up probe

Sc BH   ¦    Feb 14, 2020 11:31:37 AM (IST)

Hosapete car mishap: Victim\'s family says police botching up probe-1Ballari: Despite the district top cop clarifying that the investigation into Hosapete car mishap case is on track and the police is not trying to shield anyone, questions are now being raised at the anomalies in the FIR and the possible goof up by the police, which may have been intentional.

As per Prajavani Kannada daily, there is a lot of difference between the details given out by uncle of deceased Ravi Naik and the SP in connection to the case.

Though it is said that a Mercedes car had rammed into a tea stall at Mariyammanahalli village in Ballari on February 10, the Kannada daily states that the FIR mentions that it was an Audi that was involved in the mishap that claimed two lives.

Further, though Ravi Naik's documents prove that he is 16-years-old, the FIR mentions that he was 19-years-old. Most importantly, the news daily claims that Ravi's uncle Lakshman Naik, who was present with Ravi when the mishap happened has been sidelined.

Lakshman Naik has alleged that the SP has written his own version, without taking any of the facts into account.
Lakshman has been quoted in Prajavani saying, "My cycle had a puncture and the two of us had been to a puncture shop. While the worker was fixing the puncture, Ravi and  I went to a tea stall. I finished my tea fast and went to pay the cycle shop owner, while Ravi was still sipping his tea. Within seconds, a speeding car rammed into the tea stall. When I rushed to there, Ravi was dead. I fell unconscious after this."

However, SP CK Baba, in his statement said that Ravi was crossing the road when the mishap happened.

He has also said that no minister's son was present in the car, which stands contrary to the claim of the eyewitnesses who say that Sharath, son of Revenue Minister R ashok was present in the car and he was hurriedly sent away from the spot in another car.

Sitha Bai, Ravi's grandmother told Prajavani that she was told that one Rahul, who was driving the car and was responsible for the two deaths was present at the spot, but the police let him go.

It may be recalled that on February 10, a speeding car had rammed into a tea stall. While Ravi lost his life on the spot, a youth named Sachin, who was in the car too died while he was being rushed to a hospital. 

It is said that five youth were on their way to Bengaluru after visiting Hampi and one of the youth was R Ashok's son. The claim has been denied by the police as well as R Ashok.